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    Hello all! I am a 23yr old single mother of a 5yr old, and a 4yr old. I am starting my pre-reqs for nursing school in may and i am very nervous. i just got a great job as a nurse tech. at a local hospital and my manager made it a point to let me know that she will work with me on my schedule and is supportive of her nursing school staff. We currently live with my mother and are moving out soon. Probably in the end of july so i can save up some cash. Basically i am going to be doing it ALL ALONE! I'm excited but also very nervous. My faith is strong but i still have times of doubt. So any advice on how to organize and prioritize would be great. I am going to be a fulltime student, and working 12hr night shift at the hospital 3 days a week. I know i can do it, but it would be quite encouraging to hear other stories about how other people made it through.

    Thank You all in advance:heartbeat