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    Mt, sorry about your news, but thanks for sharing with us. It puts me at ease that people are hearing things, and hopefully I'll hear something too.

    Sunshine/Tulip: to which specialties did you apply?

    MackyMic, I applied to adult/geri and have the same feeling. I hope we are wrong : |

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    Hi I got an email about AGNP. Interviews were described as being in groups of three or four with two faculty members for an hour. It might not be the same for all specialties, obviously.

    MT56! If you change your mind, you can crash with me and save money on a hotel, I live 10 mins away from the school. Congrats to all that got interviews.

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    Wow that's awesome! You must totally rule! How was your GRE/GPA... do you have a lot of experience in the medical field?

    I haven't heard anything yet beyond what I described earlier. I applied for Adult/Geriatric NP. I hope the majority of the 70 applicants for Adult/Geriatric/Acute were for Acute! I'm so doubtful I'll get an interview.

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    Did you get an interview? Congratz!

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    Did anybody here get into any other GEPN programs?

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    Hi All,

    If you applied for the Acute, Adult or Geriatric specializations, you would have received an email last week from the department of behavioral sciences, which seemingly is the umbrella under which these specializations are grouped.

    The email simply stated they're in the process of reviewing 70 applicants and will be writing to offer interviews within the next two weeks. So, the email was sent out last Wednesday; some folks will be hearing about interviews possibly later this week or early next.

    I guess we can all conclude our applications have at least moved our specializations for review.

    Best luck to all! I hope you hear something soon!