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    Hi Richo,
    Ithink Roy's model is very interesting. Boston College has good information on her and the model. Good Luck!

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    Hi to all,
    My name is Mary I have been in Nursing since 80's when I started as nursing assistant, then advanced my degrees every few years it seem unitl now . Started MSN/ED program at UOP in April. It has been hard getting back to swing of school . I have not been back since '97' when I got my BSN degree. I worked in different feilds until finding what I really enjoyed Oncology nursing . This is my first love. I became disabled in 2000 but doing much better and hope to get back to work soon. I never had posted here but have been looking on articles for my paper. I doing comperhensive plan anaylze on Improving Patient-Flow in the ER. If any one has any good sites email them to me please.
    Nice to meet everyone!

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    Hi Adam congrats there ! Kudos to you for finishing , Wish you the best of luck! I started school in April for my MSN/ED .

    Quote from Adam D. RN2005
    :Melody: I finally did it. 2 of stress, and every medical disease I studied I dx myself with. Its over. I can't believe I did it. I consider this to be my greatest achievement of my life. Next step is the NCLEX. I did college 9 years ago, and that was a piece of cake compaired to a diploma nursing school. But I can say that I did it with a lot of pride!!!
    Now i need to get into my graduation uniform. But I did it.

    Adam D. Graduate Nurse

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    I am going for My MSN/ED and I am doing a Plan Project on the ER . regarding increasing patient flow ..I was wondering if anyone new of some good sites with information that I could go to.