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    I'm a senior in nursing school (graduating in May) in Ohio right now and ever since I've started nursing school I've had an interest in the OR. I currently work at an OR in Cincinnati but since I'm not a nurse, I don't do a lot of patient care. However, I do get to see some cool things and when I'm not busy with my regular duties (stocking, cleaning, running things to the lab, etc.), I get to sit in on surgeries and observe. There are a few nurses in my department that were hired into the OR straight out of college but I know that's not very common. Once I graduate, there is a slight possibility of me moving to California (my boyfriend of 3 years is currently living there) and I wanted to know what my chances were of a) finding a job at all and b) finding a job in the OR straight out of nursing school. The job market in Cincinnati for new grads is TERRIBLE right now. It will most likely be in the LA area as my boyfriend is currently working at a post-production facility in Hollywood. Any tips/hints would be very much appreciated!!! Thank you!

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    Thanks for your help!

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    I will (hopefully) be graduating in May 2011! If I take the NCLEX in Ohio, will I be able to work in a different state if I decide to? Or will I have to take the NCLEX there as well? Thanks!

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    I need help ASAP! I have to take a Statistics class this summer and I was wondering if anyone knows of any online Statistics classes available? PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks!