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  • Sep 26 '12

    Yes, I think it's an absurd double standard that some view drinking alcohol and occasionally getting drunk is morally and socially acceptable, but smoking pot and occasionally getting high is "bad". What on earth is the difference between recreational alcohol use and recreational marijuana use?? Ive seen many many many people die horrible deaths from cirrhosis and liver failure related to alcohol. Not too many from chronic (ha!) pot use....

    But that's not what thisis about. This is about your job, and most jobs can legally enforce random drug tests. What your employer and the BON says is the bottom line....

  • Sep 3 '12

    To OP -Not to disagree with you but a lot of other specialty nurses would argue with you. However, I will concede a tie with med/surg and LTC. They are both overwhelmed specialties needing the generalist insight and time mgt skills that the nurses need to possess.

    And just FYI - what I DID in MS eons ago, is now the level of acuity that I see in LTC today. HONEST

    So kudos to MS and LTC.

  • Sep 3 '12

    None of it is healthcare reform. It's all health insurance reform. As long as both sides are willing to sell out to big insurance by keeping them in the mix, things won't get better.

  • Jul 10 '12

    Do you have the same concerns for nurses who take sleeping pills, pain medication, anxiolytics or other medications? Just curious.

  • Jan 18 '12

    "You know, that wound sure looks good," Stage III. Looks good. All relative, I guess.

  • Nov 25 '11

    Quote from 3PRN
    One time on night shift I was called to a code and left a bag of popcorn in the microwave. At 300 joules I smelled smoke and nearly ****** myself! Then I remembered the popcorn. The fire alarms went off, the fire department crashed through the unit doors...and it just went downhill from there. The patient died. And, at the end of the shift I just stood before management and silently wept. I was not fired but sternly warned. I was also shunned for quite some time due to the new "no microwave popcorn" ruling.
    Is it terrible that I roared when I got to "the patient died"?

  • Nov 25 '11

    Anyone ever grab a bottle of maalox out of the med cart and just started shaking without checking that the lid was screwed on tight by the last person to use it. Well...I only did it once. You would think white maalox would be easy to clean up. Grab a paper towel, wet it and wipe it away. It will look like it is all cleaned up - until you come back an hour later and find all these chalky ghostly looking white globs all over the ENTIRE room. Repeat clean up - come back an hour later and AWWWW..they're back again.

    Also dropped a glass bottle of betadine once on our newly tiled hallway floor.

    You'll laugh about it some day.

  • Nov 25 '11

    Quote from nursel56
    Has anyone heard of the "wine steward" partier? A Foley catheter is inserted into a man's empty bladder, as much wine as he can stand (owie) is instilled, and he goes about filling wine orders sans the glass in a very unique way. .:uhoh21:
    I could have very happily lived the rest of my life without knowing this.

  • Nov 9 '11

    Quote from ionesand
    I was recently told as LPN with a newly epired BLS card that I cannot have patient conatct , but the medical ssistants who CPR has expired can continue to work? My card expired recently and I have already taken the necessary steps to renew it, But is this true only licensed professional cannot have pt contact ,but this does not apply to unlicensed medical staff?
    Well, current CPR is a requirement of your LICENSURE, so in effect, your license has "lapsed" when your CPR did. MA's don't have a license, so they're not in violation of any rules that govern this. Your hospital must not be concerned about unlicensed personnel the way they are about licensed ones

  • Nov 6 '11

    I don't care what they call me ask long as they don't call me. (It's a joke don't get your knickers in a twist). Seriously, I call all doctors "Doctor". Makes life easy.

  • Oct 30 '11

    Quote from grantz
    I agree. if you ever loved your mom or dad you won't let others took care of them. Other caregiver (I'm not saying all) don't care on what your moms feeling right now or let's say they having some pain or something that makes them uncomfortable. But the caregiver just ignored it. why? because they had a lot of patient to take care if and yet it is not their mom or dad they taking of so they don't even care about them. They just care about the money they care on that facility. So if you do really love your parents you won't send them to nursing homes. You must care for them as they cared for you like you were in your developmental stage..

    Really? The elderly are NOT in a developmental stage. They won't grow a little smarter/a little stronger everyday. More than likely they will decline a little more each day.

    It is very easy to pass judgement on what others should/should not do until YOU have to provide that care.

    I have admitted many residents and hear the guilt in the family stories.

    The Dad that was driving down the highway at 2am lost - did I mention he was in the wrong lane of the divided highway!

    The Mom that nearly burned the house down at least once a week because she thought it was time to cook dinner for her husband in the middle of the night. (Husband dead for years)

    The Dad that nearly killed the Mom when he threw her down the steps because he didn't recognize her and thought she was an intruder.

    I could go on for pages, but you get the point. There is a huge difference between caring for a 40 pound agile toddler and caring for a 200lb+ adult with incontinence, contractures, memory and behavior problems (because they will all out slug you with the strength of a full grown man), etc.

  • Oct 12 '11

    Quote from Ashley, PICU RN
    What do you think? Are we too paranoid? Or should we refuse to give the vaccine unless there is a signed consent form that remains part of the chart?
    Yes, you are too paranoid - and you may be (purposefully or accidentally) adding to anti-vaccine hysteria.

    Why just vaccines? What about antibiotics? Beta Blockers? Diuretics? Opiates? Lunch? Water? (people drown or aspirate or get water borne illnesses every day ya know.)

  • Oct 8 '11

    I only do that if my hands are full, because I feel really stupid saying

  • Sep 24 '11

    Ya'll know who does really, really well on these types of personality tests?


  • Sep 16 '11

    Quote from nowim clean
    Sorry but you would not touch me I'd run you out of my room. everyone has their pet peeves that is one of mine do not touch me without gloves and dont pull the finger off. I dont care how many times you have to stick but glove up and do it right or get someone else
    Do you even have any healthcare experince? For that matter do you refuse to touch anything in the outside world without gloves? Because there's a huge amount of nastiness out there not associated with hospitals or healthcare in any way. I do physical exam and assesment with out gloves all the time. If I'm not expecting to encounter bodily fluids, there's no reason to put gloves on.