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    For myself it did not take that long, only two days. All you have to do is call the State Registry,(the State you're in now) and ask for a transfer form. When you receive it (CAREFULLY make sure YOU sign it), you have to send it to your previous employer. Your previous employer will then send it back to the State Registry(the State you will be resigning in) and let them know if your CNA hasnot expire. If its up to date, everything will be fine. I hope this helps you out.

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    Try hospice or homehealth if you don't mind driving. They pay you for mileage and you donot have to stay in one place. They start you off with 14.00hr./hospice or homehealth/19.00/per pt.

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    Quote from naide88
    i have my va certification but i moved to pa, and i don't know how long i will be staying in pa. i don't even know where i will be in 3 months honestly. i may move someplace completely different.

    but the bills are piling up and i need to earn money so i can move out.

    would i have to take the certification test again..?

    thanks for ur help..
    I transfer my certification a couple of months ago due to my husband being military. If your CNA HAS NOT EXPIRE, it can be transfered. Call the State Registry, (where you are now) and request for a transfer form. When you get the papers, you have to send it to your previous employer and they will sign it and send it to the registry,(the State you are in now)saying that your CNA is up to date and thats it. I hope this help you..