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    @ ♪♫ in my ♥ - I agree. Debt is a really important factor, which is why I want to do the ASN. I can work and take out minimal loans. If I did a BSN, I would probably end up at a private school, and living in NYC would mean taking out $40-60K+ in loans...

    @ muffinCNA15 - I majored in biology because I wanted to be pre-med (granted I was 16 when I started college so I had no idea what hit me). After a bunch of missteps and finishing my BS in a way that wasn't really up to par (to me), I have found myself kind of floating and not knowing what to do (having an undiagnosed learning disability didn't help!). I definitely want to do nursing, but I don't know whether I will pursue an NP, PA or MD path afterward...

    @ LilMSSunshine - thanks for pointing that out. Cost is definitely an issue. I didn't need any extra pre-reqs to get into ASN programs (and I already have). For aBSN programs, I need a few extra classes like A&P (which I didn't take as an undergrad). Taking those over the next year made me think it's just better to start on my ASN right away rather than taking a chance by completing those pre-reqs and potentially not getting into BSN programs. In terms of GPA, I have a 3.0 (I started off really terrible and then improved a ton by senior year) from undergrad and probably won't have a problem pulling that up while taking pre-reqs.

    I should look into the hospital reimbursement thing too.

    Thanks for all the info everyone!!

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    Why did no one tell me this!! It didn't occur to me that I could just apply to BSN programs instead of aBSN programs. The reason I am going to an ADN program is because I still need pre-reqs for an aBSN program. I know I'd graduate around roughly the same time - but I just want to be on the road to getting my nursing degree as soon as possible. If I had known I could go straight into a BSN program, I would have applied I looked around on the school sites, and no schools mentioned this!

    Anyway - good luck on your degree! It sounds like you definitely are getting things organized and such

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    damaranicole - Will it take you another 4 years to do your BSN? Was your first bachelors in a science-related field? I wasn't sure about the non-accelerated BSN because I don't know anything about the process and re-taking or opting out of classes if you already have a bachelors.

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    Yeah =/ You will definitely have to spend a decent amount of time taking the pre-reqs, but if you try, you can probably get them done in the next year or two. Then at least you don't need the GREs for aBSN programs (unless you apply to combined BSN/MSN programs)

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    Taking the pre-reqs, skipping the LPN and going straight for the aBSN (as the above poster suggested) seems to make the most sense.

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    Thanks for your help everyone! It's given me a lot to think about. I really appreciate everyone taking the time to answer my questions!!

    I got an acceptance letter from TC3 for their ADN program yesterday and am waiting on BMCC/LAGCC. I'm still unsure of whether or not I will take their offers, but I am going to put down deposits just in case. If not, I will just not matriculate and take the classes I need for an aBSN.

    The only reason I am considering doing the ADN is because of money, ability to work while doing the program and the option of opting out of a decent number of classes on the curriculum. Another thing is that I am considering PA (physician assistant) school after working as an RN for a few years.

    As I figure, if I like nursing, I will stick with it, and then maybe re-matriculate for a BSN/MSN program or I can switch over to PA school given the healthcare experience hours I will get as a nurse.

    Like you all said, it's definitely better to get a BSN if I want to do graduate school (which I will if I stick with nursing), but I think there are still programs (as Paco386 said) like Columbia that will take me with an ADN and my bachelors. If not, I guess I'll end up being in school for an extra year (and a bit more) to go back and get my BSN later.

    I'm the kind of person who is worried about covering all of her bases and having back-up plans, so that is my rationale behind all of this...

    Thanks again everyone!!

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    Hello everyone,

    I graduated from Cornell in May of 2009 with a BS in Biology.

    I now want to go on to nursing.

    Here is my predicament.

    Should I take the pre-reqs and go into an accelerated BSN program next fall or should I just start my ASN this fall and then become an RN that way? I know you take the NCLEX either way, and you're a RN either way, so I am wondering if anyone has any advice of which is better for me considering I already have a BS.

    Also, I am considering BMCC in the CUNY system or TC3 upstate, that is part of the SUNY system. If you advise me to do the ASN, where would you recommend I go?

    Thank you so much!!