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    Janfrn & T&T08,
    Thank you so much for your quick help. Now i have got a better idea how to proceed, I will update you the progress as well , thanks .

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    Hi janfrn

    One more question, would it be possible to collect the Application Package from CNO, Toronto directly, becuase i have a friend who is living in toronto but i have already put a request through CNO website.




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    hi janfrn,

    thanks for the information and quick response,

    just to add on to the second question,

    once i get the application package i am planning to meet all the authorities personaly (college, previous employer and nursing registration board) so that i can request them to send form b and transcripts without any delay. once they send all the docs i am planning to land in canada.

    need your expert advice on this.

    thanks in advance.



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    Hi All,

    Need Help,

    I have just got my PR visa and planning to move to Toronto,
    A week back i have requested for Application Package to CNO to complete the registration,
    Right now i am in India and planning to send all the documents to CNO before i move from India,
    Do you know how long it will take to get the Application Package in India ( approximate time )?

    One more question,

    what is the normal time to get the clearance from CNO to write CRNE because I have a plan to write CRNE in Oct 2010?