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    Quote from Kuku1981
    Are you saying that you have been applying a nursing school four years?

    It looks like I do not have any chance next year at either, but I don't want to wait for another five years just to get in to a school.

    Unfortunately, yes. But it was over a period of 6 years that I applied 4 times. If I had applied back-to-back years, had finished all my pre-reqs, not gone back to school to get a BS in Community Health & Health Sciences and had "life" happen it wouldn't have probably taken me that long. Don't let my weird experience discourage you.

    As I learned, have a great GPA, get some experience either through CNA work or volunteering, and keeping working on your application to make yourself more appealing (ie: retake classes, volunteer, work in a hospital/clinical setting, travel abroad (especially Spanish speaking countries) or take foreign language classes, finish all the pre-reqs, take more science/health classes to show your interest).

    Persistence will get you there eventually & since this has been a dream of mine since childhood, I figured I would keep trying until someone accepted me. I learned how to eliminate time limits and to keep trying until I got in...and to be honest, it's all worth it in the end.

    Just my 2 cents. Good luck!!

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    I hope so too!! I did apply to 5 other schools (this was my fourth round of applications!) and got into OHSU-Monmouth, wait listed for U of P (like 68th on the list) & rejected from 4 others (OHSU-ABSN, Linfield ABSN, U of CO Denver ABSN & Chemeketa). All I needed was one yes, and thankfully I got it! I really hope you get in too!!

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    Anyone going to be joining me in Monmouth this Fall for OHSU?? I haven't heard of anyone planning on going there except myself and I was trying to see if anyone was out there, but just hadn't spoken up.

    Good luck to everyone on the alternate list, my fingers are crossed for you!

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    I was accepted to start this Fall with a 3.68 prereq gpa (but there was also an essay which is figured into the application process).

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    You are most certainly NOT too old for nursing school!! I know of applicants/students who are in their 50s/60s. It's all about how much drive and gumption you have. My mother is 54 and has been a nurse for 30+ years and still loves it. It's never too late to make a career change, especially if it is something that you want to do! Also, I wouldn't worry so much about the money, you'll earn it all back and more... some nurses can make up to $100 an hour (seniority, overtime, double time pay- it all adds up)...

    You can do whatever you put your mind to! I might not be able to relate about being a single mother, but I too had been working on nursing prereqs for a period of 5 years (repeated classes, etc, even got a different bachelor's) all in order to get my spot in school. And let me tell you, it was all worth it just to get my ONE acceptance at a school.

    If you can dream it, you can do it!

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    Congrats! I have a friend who went through the Linfield program (accelerated) and loved it. She felt well-trained and loved it. SO I don't believe you would regret going there by any means.

    On the other hand, as someone who was also accepted into OHSU (Monmouth) I can say enough how excited I am to train with nationally recognized faculty. OHSU is a top-7 school. That is saying something, especially if you are looking to go beyond your Bachelor's degree (which I am). I agree with you that nationally-speaking, people are going to recognize OHSU more so than Linfield.

    Another factor (which might not matter to you) is financial. Which is a better option for you financially?? I know for me, Linfield was a VERY expensive option when I was on the alternate list, but I was willing to pay whatever to go to nursing school.

    I know these are just my opinions, but from knowing two people who have gone through OHSU programs (a friend in their nursing program & my brother currently in their dental program) they have said nothing but GREAT things.

    I'd go with OHSU, but that's a biased opinion because this year Linfield rejected me and OHSU accepted me (strange huh?).

    Good luck!

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    It's true about nursing being more about having tenacity and persistence than being perfect. I have been working on nursing pre-reqs and trying to get into schools over a period of 6 years (got my BS in something else along the way) and finally got into a BSN program that will be another 3 years long .... and after that I want to be a NP or maybe go into Nursing Ed or even be a NA.... this is not a job for the weary at heart--- it's something that you will have to be passionate about pursuing because it gets discouraging at times (especially when you've received many rejection letters). But remember, all it takes is 1 acceptance letter and you're on your way to reaching your dreams. It's a process, it's not easy, but it's going to be SOOOO worth it!!

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    Quote from poppysmom
    Hi all,

    I'd really appreciate your advice. I plan on making a career change (I'm currently a CPA) and going back to school to become a Certified Nurse Midwife. I'm looking at several different programs/options, and because of my need to stay in my current location, and the highly competitive nature of the local CNM program, I may get my BSN first. Many application essays ask you to explain why you want to be a nurse - is it okay to talk about my ultimate goal of becoming a midwife, even though the application is for a BSN program? I guess I feel that in doing so, I'm telling them that this is just a stepping stone to my dream, and that they will expect me to talk specifically about what I will do with my BSN (i.e. not just use it to apply to another school). Any advice or experience with this?

    Thank you!
    It really depends upon the program you are applying to for the BSN. I talked about my long-term goal of becoming a NP in my essay for the BSN program I just got accepted into, but I know that the program I applied to has the NP program I want to eventually study in. It never hurts to say that you have more goals-- I think if anything, it makes you seem driven, ambitious and determined to make it through their program so that you can then go on to achieve more goals. Just be sure to mention the qualities that would serve you ultimately in both situations (ambition, goal-oriented, life-long learner).

    Good luck!

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    Quote from CuriousMe
    As evidence that different folks have different experiences I had the opportunity to go to an OCNE CC or to OHSU. I chose OHSU and I'm so happy I did. We do write papers, but we also have plenty of clinical time (I'm in my second year and have put in foley's, IV's, done blood draws, etc), in addition I'll have a two term preceptorship in senior year.

    Many of my friends went through the CC program, and it just seems that we've had far more opportunities in clinical areas outside of medsurg, and in general there was more depth to the material we learned. Our prof's are astounding as well. They are authors of textbooks used nationwide (as well as in our program), still actively practice in NP, and CNS roles, conduct research and are very skilled at passing on their knowledge.

    OHSU is expensive, and I'm sure that MHCC is a fine program, but if you have the chance to got to OHSU for the entire program....I'd recomend taking it!
    This makes me very excited about the program!! Thanks for the heads up !

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    Quote from larisagarrett31
    K 1977, I feel for you.
    I am on the alternate list (KF), but don't feel glorious. To me it is the same as rejection.
    I have to say, don't give up.
    I increased my GPA by almost a point in last year, after realizing that psychology I took 10years and got a B just does not cut it. With God's help, the AP I am retaking right now will get me to the magic 4.0, the only quality that counts for nursing.
    I am already writing an essay in my head for the next cycle of applications.
    I turned 31 yesterday, and after talking with my 61-year old co-worker, I feel that there is plenty of time to achieve one's goals.
    Just a word of encouragement, you don't have to have a 4.0 to get in. I didn't. I had a 3.68 or so in pre-req grades ... I do have a previous degree in Community Health & Health Sciences, but other than that, lots and lots of volunteer work and other health related experiences (Red Cross, senior capstone on health care)..... One piece of advice I had given to me from an OHSU admission person is to write down EVERY health related volunteer/paid work that you do- whether it's walking in the Relay for Life, volunteering at a hospital, clinic, or Red Cross, whatever. All of it counts, at least for OHSU.

    Keep adding things to your resume and eventually you'll stand out from the crowd, even without a 4.0 GPA And 31 is SUPER young still.... you've got 30+ years ahead of you to reach your dreams

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    I'm starting this Fall at OHSU-WOU!! YAY!! 4 years of applying and a school finally accepted me!!

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    Quote from jtpdx
    Since I started this thread, I thought I should give my status. In all humbleness, I was accepted and will accept as this is my only option this go around. And, it's a good one! I didn't have the math pre-req met (it had expired) so I wasn't able to apply to the community colleges.

    Hoping for the best to everyone, and if it's not this year, keep at it! As the old saying goes, if at first you don't succeed, try, try again.
    Amen to that!! I'm living proof of that after 4 years of applying because today I received my acceptance letter as well ... and since this is the only school that's accepted me out of 5 so far, I'm going!! I feel soooo blessed. Also, I thought I'd set the record straight for those who were anxious, confused about the email rumors... they are true. I received an email last week, but as someone said prior, there was some that got the emails because they applied to multiple programs, like myself. Anyway, good luck to you all still!! I know the feeling!!

    I'll be at the WOU campus in case anyone else is too.....

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    Some friendly advice from someone who's applied twice to OHSU's accelerated BSN program..... the majority of their applicants have either

    A) a 4.0 gpa in their undergrad, & prereq grades and have done some spectacular things like Peace Corps in Africa or Europe or South America

    b) have a Masters degree

    It's UBER competitive to get into that school, so unless you are someone who has YEARS of medical experience behind them or a previous Masters, I'd say skip applying to their ABSN and apply to one of their 3 year programs. Or apply at Linfield's ABSN program.... they seem to accept applicants with more realistic life experiences such as volunteer work, CNA license, etc...

    Just my two cents because I've applied 2 times without any luck and have a lengthy list of healthcare related experiences and good GPAs with no luck.

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    Quote from k1977
    I am eagerly awaiting the letter from OHSU as well! I got a rejection letter from PCC earlier this month. I wonder how many applicants they received this year (PCC had 1005!). I think they only admit 30+ students to the Portland campus, so I'm nervous, because that is the only campus I was able to apply to.
    This year they had over 775 applicants for the 5 campuses & accepted 165......

    I received that information in an email sent to me through a site that sent OHSU my info (capex? I think it's called). They made calls for the accelerated program but I don't think for the BS program.... letters will be out the end of next week though! Good luck!

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    I also applied to the WOU campus! It is in Monmouth, and I'm in Salem... that's how I chose that branch.