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    Prereqs are much easier than nursing school. Where I attend school you have to have a C average in pre classes to be accepted to nursing. Thats not too hard if you put some effort into it. We have to maintain a B in nursing classes. I am in my 2nd semester and we have lecture monday clinical all day tues and wed and lecture again on thurs. With clinical comes preplanning on mon night and drug cards, care plans on tues night due wed. It is a very tight schedule weekends were meant for study not play. The other post are right you dont have to memorize! You have to be able to think like a nurse when you test. Good luck!

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    Risk for infection R/T invasive procedure.
    Risk of impaired skin integrity R/T placement of IV.

    Dont know if your school required AEB with risk of nursing DX

    IV placement or foley placement.