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    Quote from kalop
    can you also send me study materials? thank you
    hi send me your email . i will send you the file.

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    Quote from pinkpaperdoll
    Congratulations!!! how did you start reviewing? i graduated 2 yrs ago and i have that feeling that i already forgot all that i learned from nursing school! and now, i dont know how and where to start with.. huhuhu..
    hi pink paper doll though i had saunders with me and couldnt review myself i heard abt hurst review which refreshes the core points in evry topic . and its helpful in self motivating ...then elaborate ur studies with saunder and do the ques given at the back and then started kaplan review, which gave real model of nclex exam. and fact throwing infection ctrl . if u want materials any i can send u.

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    hello everyone i passed nclex rn god is so good !!! i never thought i will ever have a miraculous day in my life. so happy so happy i took the full hours . came back home with heavy heart that i failed . ichecked out thpv trick . to my surprise i got different pop "on hold" i was restless checken in this forum and confirmed myself i failed. after dinner again i checked i found good pop !! omg !!! i did that for 4 -5 and verified with the explaination . given in the forum.
    i have taken my multiple times . this time i took hurst review and kaplan. hurst is good for review since my studies over more than 7 years. since i was foerign nurse and got married and came here . i was os relaxed i took my exam first time thinking i cud do within two wks . so overconfident i failed second i studied only some portios of subject . eveyyear i made this trial since 2007.i searched this forum was such a great help for me to know abt the review materials. and also random facts. so i signed for hurst and kaplan live online . hurst was a great review for refreshing the content.kaplan was so gud ...i did only kaplan qT AND QBANK . i did all allQTs and used only qbank as much as possible abt 60 % and i used the stategies and decision tree .
    in the exam i had abt 20 - 25 satas infection ctrl , meds, no calculations,delegations. i took my time to answer every question and i used kaplan decision tree and process of elimination.
    onething is true prayer , confidence and consistent hard work can bring success. i studied effectively for 8 hrs/day for a month , studied some content review most of practiced lots of questions. stopped all other activities. have some material s and book if any need s i can give u. am in looking for a job not able to find every hospital asking for 1 year experiance. i dont know how to find?
    all thebest to all.

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    hi guys i am going to take exam in 2 days feel so unprepared. am using kaplan online and getting 50 -55% in test so not sure abt whethr to sit for exam ......very nervous i dont want to face one failure...since the exam is going to be from 1 april am so worried and how exam will be .... so please tell am i ready !!! how this new exam will be i read in ncsbn it s given that management of care willbe increased amnd moreover is going to be wth fill in the blanks ,charts , sounds and videos in addition to the existing pattern ...what a hell !! really they re it so tough ... like a beast or whatever... so this makes me so worried to sit or not .please tell me ur suggetions for april please .

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    hi all i am a foreign nurse and i ave taken this exam nclexrn twice before. planning take third time again . and i came to know that questions will be harder from april2010 . is this true what else is remaining to make it harder?i am vey scared to take this i dont i got my att too... am so scared that if i keep apoinment for april...can i pass since i dont what type of questions they have more .i read ncsbn d... it give only the details but not questions..i mean how the test quetions... i have taken the kaplan, hurst review too. so please suggest when to take the exam is it in march or april.?