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    Hi psycho,what can you tell me about Belgium with regards to nursing or anthing for that matter.I AM currently working in New ZEALAND ,I am Irish ,also spent several years nursing in South Africa.Have EEC passport ,french language very limited ,interested in what you have to say.Voyage. not very good on using internet.

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    Hi out there my name is Sharon ,very new to internet and all of that.This is the story in a nutshell.I am interested in working in France possibly next year 2005.I AM IRISH but currently working in New Zealand as RN in A+E for just over year.Did all my 4 years study in South Africa and I am 10 years post grad.I have an EEC passport so basically I will be asking 2 questions.First of all can anyone give me postal address of nursing council in France and what is best way of learning French,did study it many years ago but have forgotten most of it.I am currentlt registered with New Zealand nursing council and South African council have worked in practically every aspect of nursing profession but preferr TRAUMA.IT would be greatly appreciated if someone could assist in this area as I would like to prepare myself prior to going .Thanking you Sharon Mac Donald.