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    My former co-worker is on an H1B visa, she arrived in CA in January of this year. We had the same length of nursing experience. She received her license number first week of February. She is now working in a Skilled Nursing Facility. We have the same level of education. The only difference that we have is that she has backup in that nursing facility, which I do not have.
    In NY, H1B visas are given to nurses through sponsorships by agencies or direct employers.

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    Thanks for the clarification regarding OPT. Is a Master's degree in nursing would give me an OPT to work as a nurse?

    I was working in HDU. I applied to DaVita (CA) and told me that they can't sponsor me with H1B visa because the government doesn't provide them. They can sponsor me through green card which requires visa screening certificate and years of processing.

    I inquired to an agency in NJ, and advised me to get a student visa because my I-94 is until April and get a license by verification to NY. Having the student visa will extend my stay and have enough time to get a license from NY then that agency can sponsor me with H1B visa. They told me that the start of H1b application is in April of this year.

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    I'm here in US and recently passed the NCLEX-RN (CA). I am currently seeking sponsorship for H1B visa.
    I am on a tourist visa right now and planning to change my status to F1 student visa with OPT. I will receive the OPT after I finish the computer course that I'm planning to take, it will take one year to get an OPT. Is this OPT would allow me to work as a nurse?
    I've been asking agencies in CA since I passed NCLEX weeks ago but none of them provide sponsorship for H1B because of retrogression and no available visa right now.
    My former co-worker arrived in CA in January of this year and she is on working visa H1B.
    I need your suggestions regarding my status.

    Thank you