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    I take the test at the Ponce de Leon Ave. Milla de oro. I did the Pearson Vue trick and it worked. A week later receive my license number on my email.
    I walk listening the hurst review, all the conference twice. Readed a lot the allnurses guide and the threads.
    Honestly i think that saunders was the least that worked for the nclex.

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    Before i start must excuse my orthography, since english is my second language.
    I From Dominican Republic living in Puerto Rico. Im a nurse with 3 years of experience. I began my preparation like 6 months ago. Bought saunders book the third edition for content, and hurst review on mp3 format.
    This was my main preparation.

    The test was unexpected because you know the material but the way the question were redacted was like WTH!!!. I felt very confused on lots of questions but I know in question 75 that this was my last. I closed my eyes click and see the blue screen loading.
    Lots of medications(no calculations), Lots of prioriziting, like 10 SATA, like 7 drop in order. 2 or 3 legal stuff, 5 maternity, 2 peds.
    Was very hard but if i do this with my language limitations you can do this too.

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    Me too!!!

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    Congratulions Diana.

    Will take my test first week of june. Can you please send me the material to:

    Thanks in advance.

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    Adventure by rupert holmes.

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    Hi Guys im for puerto Rico. I will apply for next year, i have friends attending the INTER. Do you speak spanish?? Do you have family at Puerto Rico?? About the AP test ,well everybody fail it so dont worry. (i Guess).
    Anything else please send me a private.

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    In my past hospital we packed they naked. In this one no.

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    ADN, will finish my BSN on May 11 ()
    first work march 2010
    ICU nurse
    Puerto Rico
    11.53 Per hour + 400 monthly per clinic area
    Last year <24,000
    I like of be a nurse that you have multiples choices of growth and you can be whaterver you want doing something that you love.
    I dont like floating, and all the lazy and heartless people that dont see that this person in the bed can be her mother.

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    Puerto Rico
    ADN 11.54
    BSN 13.25 new grad 14.58 experience

    Very easy to find jobs for new grad.

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    As a new grad working at an ICU on Puerto Rico. i only make 11.54 per hour. I work very hard sometimes with 4 patients by myself. Before taxes i only see a little more than $800 per 80 hours.

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    I worked as a maid and caregiver in a house to an alzheimer patient (my old man). As i had migratories problems i couldnt apply for federal aid. I paid my AD working very hard.

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    Hi, thanks 1smartrn for the reply.
    Well i started the orientation on tuesday.(Lots of paper to sign). On thursday i went to my area, to meet my partners and this was very caotic, everybody was very very very busy, I was in the middle like . The head nurse told me that i will star on may 31 on the floor. Tomorrow my orientation continues.

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    Germen= germ Sano=healthy

    healthy germ :spin:

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    Thanks Wakaro for the encouragment. I just have a nightmare last night about my first day, i dreamed that i was early but i forgot my uniform, then i put a patient gown and arrive to the Nicu-picu screaming about that it was a mistake and i just want to work with adults. Man, that was so realistic