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    I am going to be starting the RN-BSN program soon. Did you take Technical Writing and Professional Nursing A at the same time? I am working full-time and not sure if I can take on 2 classes at the same time. Since you've taken both classes... What do you recommend?

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    Adult Day Health Care

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    I was wondering if anyone can tell me what are the responsibilities of a ADHC RN. What is a typical day like? What common problems do you overcome? How do you delegate? THANKS!!

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    Hello Krave!

    I was wondering if you can elaborate on your job description as a RN in a ADHC. What is your typical day like? What common medications and circumstances do you overcome?


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    Quote from fotero
    Congratulations NewRN2010 for your new position. I am a 47 years old RN with ADN too with a bachelors in science, I graduated in Dec 2007, took NCLEX in July 2008. I have looking for a job as soon as I graduated from a SD CC, but I didn't have any luck, I had to pay my bills and since I was working in public health while I was attending to the nursing school the local public health department offered me a job as a PHN, I started working as a PHN in Nov 2009. I like my job but I miss to work in the clinical setting.

    As soon as I graduated I 've applied for every local new grad program, but no luck. Time passed fast and suddenly it was more than a year that I graduated so I was told by nurse recruiters that I was not longer a new grad and all of the jobs require at least 1 year of experience in the job that you are applying for. While looking for a job in any hospital I was taking several certifications ACLS, NRP, Fetal monitoring, PALS (scheduled) trying to be ready for the GREAT opportuniy, but nothing so far, no even a call for an interview.

    I would like to hear any advice from somebody in this forum. What should I do in order to put my foot at the door to get a RN entry level position in a hospital? Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
    Wow... sorry to hear about your situation. Reading your post is actually making really worried I graduated in May 2009 in Texas. I relocated here in SD the same month with my husband who is in the Navy and we also had our first child April 2009. I was pregnant the last year of nursing school!! I have not worked since graduating. I have been taking care of my daughter and nieces since moving out here and now I am ready to look for a job. I am very worried that I will not get hired by anyone. I will take even take a small clinic job. I feel like taking time off to spend time with my baby was not such a great idea now. Anyway, Hope things turn up for you!!

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    It worked for me when I took my NCLEX-RN last August! The computer went all the way up to 186 questions for me and I swear I thought I did not pass, but I did!!!
    Good Luck All!!!