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    Quote from katiabrazil

    My name is Katia and im an ocupational health nurse in Brazil. I would like to know other ocupational health nurses around the world and theirs experiences.


    Hello, Im live and worked in Brazil and Im an ocupational health male nurse. But now I'm in the area offshore. Pretice I live 15 days in my home and 15 days in oil rig. But, i like....but worth the money

    hugs for all!!!!

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    hello, im an offshore nurse and worked and live in brazil. in brazil there isnt the figure of the paramedic. this is represented by professional nursing. all the oil rigs we have a medic or offshore nurses. and the nursing has been doind a good job. were constantly being training. many nurses come from other areas. with experience in emergency and intensive care. if you wish to access this link and my e-mail is:
    if you want to talk more, leave me a message here, and i wish i could help.
    hugs...for all!!!