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    Does anyone know how long you stay enrolled in a school before you have to reapply? I am going to start applying to programs in the fall, and I plan on applying to several, and you have to be enrolled at the school first. So if I apply in the fall but can't apply to the nursing program until february 2011, by the time the application goes through am I still enrolled in whatever school?

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    I haven't applied anywhere yet because the requirements are that you have to have all of the prereq's completed upon application. The sight of my gpa depresses me - i'm afraid i wont ever be able to get in a program

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    I have a 3.1 GPA and am currently taking anatomy & chemistry II and I am taking microbiology in the summer. I know that I will probably get B's in these classes and I was wondering if anyone with a similar GPA has been accepted into a program. The only people I know who have been accepted in my area (California) had 3.8's. Should I stay positive?