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    I am in the same boat as I have family in the NW. I am working towards getting into pharmacy school simply because I tried the nursing school route and was just uncomfortable with elderly female peri-care. Sounds ridiculous I know, but it is true. Although I would say that nursing school is still on my mind as it is easier to get into than pharm school, and easier all the way around academically. That being said, I am no scholar either. I earned mostly A's in all of my nursing pre-req's, but am struggling with the upper level math, and some of the higher chemistry required to get in to pharm school. Also just want to say that I do not think that nursing school would be a breeze either.... I know it isn't. I have friends that have gone through it and they said it was no cake walk! I will find out next March whether or not I make it into pharmacy school. If I don't, then I will probably take another semester to finish up my bachelors, and then opt for the one year second degree nursing program. I have heard that you simply just "get over" the minor things like peri care and such. I really loved being with people and love learning the complexities of the human body as it is all so intriguing to me! I just want a job that I know I can support my family with (34 y/o, married with four children) and that is why either pharmacy or nursing.. Two vastly different fields with two different incomes, but all in all I just want to move out to the pacific nw too, and be with the family I have out there, and be surrounded by the beauty of God's creation. This Michigan life stinks, and I can't wait to get out of it! Thankfully my wife is fully on board with the move whenever it comes. So to the poster, I feel your pain!