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    I took the NCLEX-PN in April and passed. I reviewed all the systems and did thousands of questions. And focused on priorty type questions and therapeutic responses. I think doing all of the questions helped me the most. Not sure how different the NCLEX-Pn & NCLEX are but I hope that helps.

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    I heard a rumor that Hohokus School is starting an LPN to RN bridge program. Does anyone know if that is true.


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    I think this is a sad situation for everyone involved. But I don't think that this case should be any different than any other person who is in the same situation. If the husband's motivation is money it sad on his part but hasn't he spent tons on lawyer fees for the last 7 years. No one knows but him what he feels about Terri we only know what the media wants us to think about the situation. And as far as the parents are concerned I'm sure they are acting out of love but aren't they being selfish to Terri? What type of life has this poor girl had? And if she was put back on the feeding tube what happens to her after they die? Will the burden of taking care of her be put on someone else? Or will it be ok for her to die then?

    My professor brought up a good point about this case as well. Why is it that congress held an emergency meeting to make a ruling on this case when there are some many other issues regarding healthcare that gets swept under the rug. It's sad how politicians find a way to manipulate situations for there personal gain.

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    One of the hospitals in Lawrenceville is Gwinnett Medical Center. I am not from Ga but I did visit last year because I am also looking to live in that area. I know Emory also has a location in that area. I hope this helps. Good luck with your move.


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    I visited GA a few times last year and fell in love with it. I'm an LPN student and wanted to know what is the salary range for entry level LPNs in the Gwinnett County/ Atlanta area. I know the salary would be lower than where I am in Nj but housing is extremely high in NJ compared to the area I visited in Ga. Besides housing what is the cost of living like.


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    Quote from cyberkat
    [Q]Then love the child, don't kill it.[/Q]

    Who is going to love the child when it's dumped in a gas station dumbster? Who loves the children now who are desperate for homes but are "too old," "addicted," "physically and/or mentall damaged?"

    How many of you have adopted and loved the children who are already here?

    People want to adopt perfect infants. Hospitals pediatrics long term care centers are already overflowing with children. Who loves them? Overturning Roe v Wade will only make it worse.
    You took the words out of my mouth. It is so easy for people to stand on their pulpits and judge someone. Yes some people use abortion as birth control wrong yes but there are many people who just get caught in a bad situation. I rather see a pregnancy aborted than for a child to be brought in this world without loving parents. As far as the comments that people doubt Roe Vs Wade will be reversed I wonder what planet these people were on during this last election. Next to the war it was one of Bush's main agendas. Lets clean up the country's Child Services and Adoption issues before we judge people who choose abortion. When loving parents are able to easily adopt children in the U.S. perhaps my opinion will change. But for now there are too many unloved children out here. And I'd rather see another fetus be destroyed than another 2 1/2 year old starved to death, another infant found in the dumpster or a 6 year old dying from a blow to the head. Yes Robsta you are right let's love these children. But how many of you honestly love them enough to bring them into you homes.

    Cyberkat - I asked the same question of how many love and adopted these children. I see alot of quotes and sermons on this post but only one has responded to that question.

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    [QUOTE=robsta]It all depends on whether you think *abortion* involves the murder of a baby or a fetus. I believe that abortion involves the murder of a baby, so all the other considerations are irrelevant. We don't yet murder children because they're inconvenient or growing up in homes where they're maltreated or unloved (though if we follow the logic of ehthicist Peter Singer, we just might want to reconsider that as an option). There are other cultures where infanticide is a fairly common practice for getting rid of unwanted babies, yet we frown upon it here while endorsing abortion.

    Abortion is freely used as a method of *birth control* when birth control is so freely available.

    Just my two cents.


    I personally don't see it as murder especially if it's done in a term where there was little chance of survival. I do think in some cases of abortion you are potentially saving a child's life. I also don't believe it's right to use abortion as birth control. But it is far worst to bring a child into this world who is unloved and not given a chance at a good life. Subjecting a living and breathing child to the possibility of abuse and neglect over aborting a fetus? How can that be justified. And it is true we don't murder living and breathing children because they are mistreated we try to remove them and put them in better homes. Perhaps you have a foster child or are an adoptive parent of one of these children. If so kudos to you because if the country had more people like you we wouldn't have the need for abortion.

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    We need more minorities taking positions in Congress.

    I look forward to changes that Senator Barack can make. He has the potential to be our first Black President.

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    I helped in raising my cousin through her teen years and she is now 17. All I can say is that you are in my prayers. Girls will drive you crazy. Try to be patient with her and remember when you were her age. She's at the age where she wants to fit it and her self esteem (no matter how cocky they act) is low. Let her learn from her own mistakes up to a point. You seem like a great parent and I can tell you are concerned. I have been there and it gets better. In a few years she'll be off to college. Then when she settles down and has a family you can laugh at her when she is upset because her daugher got her belly button pierced.

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    Quote from BeachNurse
    I would be very surprised if Roe v Wade was reversed. I don't see it happening!
    Well it is apart of Bush's new agenda so it's still is a concern.

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    Quote from RDH2RN
    Thank you, Angelia. It makes me feel better that you started school when you're kids were virtually the same age as mine are now (8 and 5). I have moments of doubt, when I think I should maybe wait until they're older. But then, I think it's probably best to actually start now. They'll most likely be much busier and more involved in activities when they're older.

    I wish I could work only weekends while in school. Hubby doesn't make enough for me to do that though.

    Just keep looking at the big picture. I'm a single parent who decided to purse my nursing degree. It's hard leaving my 2 year old buy I know I have to do it and besides it is temporary. What I do is on the weekends I use part of my day to study and do housework and the other half I devote to him. Even if we just watch a Barney tape together it's spending quality time. You'll be fine.
    Good Luck

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    Laurasc - I personally think it depends on what you consider a comfortable lifestyle. If you want the nice house, good school system, safe neighborhood, vacations and to be able to save it will cost alot to do it in NJ.
    I agree with RNMAVEN if you choose to live in Nj bring alot of $$.

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    Quote from RNPATL
    First of all .... excellent post smkoepke! I think you really hit the nail on the head. From my perspective, I can see if people disagree with gay marriage .... it is a free country and that is there right. But to ammend my constitution to legalize discrimination is a slap to our fore fathers and to our future generations. This country was founded on freedom. The right of all Americans to make choices for themselves. How can the constituion be ammended to discrimate against a group of people? That can not be legal. I bet there will be many legal challenges in those States where the ammendment passed. I mean, how could this happen in our country?

    Perhaps I am niave .... but if we ammend the constitution for this, what is next? I do not want the government telling me how to live my life!
    Much like everyone else, it pisses me off that these ammendments passed.
    Wondering what the government will change next definitely scares me. The last state to legalize interracial marriages was in 1999. Can you believe that. Less than 5 years ago it was technically not legal for interracial couples to marry in the U.S.
    What bugs me the most about making gay marriages illegal is that its ok for them to vote, pay taxes and and be expected to abide by our laws, but our laws won't protect their rights.

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    Quote from Q.
    I am against gay marriage, but not against civil unions, provided that it is truly in the sense of equality. In other words, as a civil union, you are afforded the same rights as married couples, but also afforded the same penalities as married couples when disolving that union. It has to be equal.

    That said, I'm highly pissed off after I learned that my husband's employer is already affording "special rights" to gay partners:

    Same sex couples (domestic partners) who are not married are able to claim each other for health insurance, however, opposite sex partners who are not married are not entitled to this. You have to be married to get this.

    Why the double standard and why the special treatment for gays? THIS is what angers me. You want equality? Then it's equality, not special treatment.
    That may be true in your state so you think but I know where I've worked at domestic partner means same sex or opposite sex. Perhaps if society weren't so judgemental no one would need "special treatment". My belief is that if people had confidence in there own sexuality they wouldn't care what other people do. I don't believe that people choose to be gay its chosen for them. Frankly I couldn't see why anyone would choose to be gay with all of the obstacles they have to face.
    And I'm a straight woman.

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    Quote from mkue
    Actually I don't know why Republicans/conservatives are criticized for hanging on to their values and beliefs, holding fast to what they've believed for hundred, thousands of years...they are criticized called names such as right wing christian nuts, bible thumbing..etc.. having values used to be a good thing and the Democrats know that.

    An no, I don't feel like you are picking on me, I enjoy the debate
    There is nothing wrong with having values or holding strong to personal beliefs. I personally don't feel that people should inflict their beliefs on other people. Nor should our government create laws accordingly. Laws should be made to protect our rights and govern our society. Not parent us. And as I remember when America tried to it didn't work remember when Blacks were enslaved, women could not vote, salem witch hunts and we could go on and on. Just because a majority thinks one way doesn't mean that it is right.