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    Hi I'm new to the area and looking fr any opportunity to do student nurse clinical volunteering. In California there is a program called COPE for student nurses looking to get some hands on experience. I am enrolled in Excelsior College's nursing program, so it is a little hard to find clinical experience. Any suggestions.

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    I can completely relate to your struggle, I to have decided that it is now or never. I listened to Bishop T. D. Jakes watch night service and found my inspiration. I have also found solace in Joel Osteen's messages. God bless and best wishes.

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    was the tuition expensive for the Ocean County College NJ

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    I read a thread from a couple of years ago about how you took CLEP for Lifespan, if you still have helpful information, I'd greatly appreciate it. I'm enrolled in the EC program and nervous. Thanks...Blossom

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    How was your experience w Excelsior? start to finish?

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    @ Ruralgirl: are there any prereq's to meet for classes? micro in particular

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    is Rio accredited

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    I am looking for an accredited online chemistry course with a lab. Anybody know of one?