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    That's good to know about tutors - I think the good thing about the whole second undergrad experience is that we "get" how much you really do need to pay attention and study and use all available resources. I took Chem in undergrad and did fine, but at 29, I've officially aged out of my original course

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    My hospital will only pay for my tuition if I'm enrolled in a nursing program... so taking pre-reqs without matriculation doesn't count! My Fall 2013 entrance is contingent on my passing the pre-reqs this Spring.

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    Got in! Email sent at 8:44 am. Wahoo!

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    I applied on the last day possible, so I'm one of those still waiting to hear!

    For those that are already in - when does registration start? I only need chemistry from NYU so am hoping to do that in the Spring, then start the nursing program in the fall.

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    Is the decision emailed or posted on Albert or mailed? I Am an NYU alum so pretty Albert-savvy but I don't see where it would be online.

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    Quote from lowayu
    what neighborhood is safe to live in?

    New York is pretty big - there are a lot of safe neighborhoods! It might be easier to have you ask about specific neighborhoods and see what people respond with. It depends on where you want to live, your budget, etc.

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    Also, for people moving to NYC from further afield, you can use to calculate how long your commute will take on public transportation. I live in the Village and commute to NYP/Columbia. You don't HAVE to live on campus (although its cheaper). There are deals in other parts of the city.

    My experience with apartment hunting (from two years ago) was that most real estate agents will pull the bait and switch. Apartments flip so quickly that they don't have time to put up photos. So if you see an apartment you like and call the realtor, they'll make you come in and fill out paperwork (saying that you won't try to rent the apartments you see with them without going through them), THEN they'll take you to see apartments which may or may not be the one you wanted online. They'll say they are similar. Bring a map and know the city. I was specific about wanting to live in certain neighborhoods and they assumed that because I was new to the city, I might not know the difference. So I was dragged to other neighborhoods that are fine, but not what I wanted (ie - close to certain subway lines, etc). Also, realtor fees are NEGOTIABLE. They'll say they aren't, but when you come down to signing something, know you can haggle. You'll have some luck haggling with landlords but more with the real estate agents.

    This one's kinda obvious, but a landlord would rather sign a new tenant that they believe is employed than a student. So don't mention you're going back to school if you can present documents that say you're working now. Its easier to say you're transferring to the NYC office of your company than to say that you will absolutely be able to pay your rent without a co-signer, even though you're a student.

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    Hi Lizzy -

    can you send me a PM with your email address? I can forward you some housing stuff. I can't PM yet (not enough posts, I think) but can email you info.

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    Quote from Mission
    Someone who is applying directly from undergrad, who would likely be graduating this May/June, would be non-degree.
    Ah, I see. So its the same program for all accepted students - the "non-degree" refers to their current state. I was wondering if there was some secret avenue for part-time study or non-matriculated study.

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    Thanks Lizzy - I second that! Would love to hear how the day went and what questions were answered.

    In Judy Wolfe's email tonight, she said, "if you are accepted as non-degree, you must submit all the outstanding admissions documents/transcripts stated in your acceptance letter ...."

    I didn't realize there was a non-degree option for ETP? Can anyone shed light on that avenue?

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    anandam -

    Thanks for all your answers so far! And thanks to my fellow acceptees for so many good questions.

    Is there anything that you recommend me do between now and June 2nd to prepare for classes? Should we be reviewing all the A&P vocab and systems? focusing on microbiology viruses?

    Also, if you are applying for RN jobs soon, how are you feeling about the job market?

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    @ SarahMG - Great idea to attend an applicants session, since you can't make the 3/5 accepted students day. I'm in the same boat and I'm going to try to get to the March applicants day. Did you think the session was helpful or too much geared to the application process?

    @Allison16 - welcome to the thread! There are a few of us WHNP-ers on here now. So exciting! Glad to see another person with SF roots coming to NYC. I moved to Manhattan from SF two years ago. Its a big change but NYC is wonderful.

    @mindlor - yeah, didn't love the virtual pick-up lines either... but I see you've been on the boards longer than me, so maybe I need to adjust to more virtual humor?

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    I haven't heard anything about financial aid. I think they said if you submitted FAFSA by 2/15, you'd hear back by 3/1. So anyone on the waitlist will probably have a good chance of hearing back in the first week of March, when people start making decisions based on affordability.

    I think it will be very very easy for people to find housing over the summer, because there will be tons of sublets from students. After the summer, I bet people will start forming groups and pairs and renting together. Housing is expensive, but more and more landlords are paying realtor fees for rentals because of the recession. So don't be afraid to negotiate with landlords!

    OperaDoula - I don't have kids but I'm not sure how I'm going to be a very good wife over the next year if I do this program. I'm particularly worried about having night clinicals and then classes during the day. It would be bad enough if I was single and could go home and zonk out, but trying to be a good partner after a week of that will be challenging enough. I have so much respect for you for going for it with children.

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    Its completely reasonable to tell anyone you are interviewing with that you are not comfortable having them contact your current employer, because you don't want the interview process to negatively affect your current work experience. I've done that before (albeit, not with nursing, but with professional positions).

    You should share any other offers with your current manager, so she has the chance to match or exceed them. But no reason to tell her/him anything until you have an offer on the table!