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  • Dec 10 '12

    I agree with previous poster. I was asked the same question and I said "Although I don't have any actual acute nursing experience, I have x clinical hours and I acquired x,y,z skills. Additionally, at my previous job although unrelated I did x, y, z". X,y,z being relevant skills to the position. For example, I used to be a nanny and I'm great with kids, I've never wanted to work with peds specifically but I know at my job I will see peds patients frequently and I am familiar how to communicate with them, etc. you can always turn a question around. Sell yourself, definitely go for every chance to do so, even if its not what they're looking for they'll appreciate that you know the job description (like in mine, I knew I'd be working with a variety of patient ages). Good luck!

    Edited to add: you don't mention what you say in reply to those questions so you may be saying what I've already mentioned but its a tough market and I hope my advice will help you. Also, to the language question, tell them no you don't but you are more than willing to learn any basic language they feel will be beneficial to the job.

  • Feb 23 '10

    Hey guys,
    Just FYI for those that are wondering about your financial aid package. I called the financial aid office to make sure that they had my info etc. They informed me that they are transitioning to a new system that won't be up 'til next week so @ the moment they do not even have access to our info. Also, we probably won't have our packages before visiting day. According to the lady I spoke with, we will probably get our packages in mid-March.
    Ugh! Another waiting game.