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    Yep, I'm at North Campus. Probably the same professor. You can tell he knows what he's talking about but he's so focused on making sure that no one gets left behind that the entire class is behind schedule. He's been focusing on making sure people can multiply (not kidding) instead of teaching us what is required. It's very frustrating!

    I'm going to be devoting an entire semester to Micro when I get there (A&P I and II as well) so that I can focus fully on that course. Gonna do my research next time and make sure I get a professor who's a little less absent minded!

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    Crazy, isn't it? Mine is the same way. Chemistry isn't a pre-req for the nursing course (i.e. it doesn't count toward the point system) but it is a requirement for Microbiology, so if you don't have a qualifying high school chemistry then you have to take it.

    I'm suffering through a horrible chem class right now and just keep reminding myself that I just need a passing grade so I can qualify for micro.

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    Thanks for the reply!

    I will need to pass the class in order to get into Micro. I'm going to keep my fingers crossed that he's not going to try and lump all the chapters together towards the end of the semester and that I'll at least be able to stay on track with what he does give us.

    It's good to know that what I learn in Chem won't directly translate to Micro, so as long as I get a good Micro professor I'll be happy.

    I wish FSCJ would extend the drop deadline for classes that only meet once a week. It doesn't do the student any good because you only get the first class to test out the professor's method of teaching!

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    I'm attending FSCJ and currently working towards finishing pre-reqs in the next year or so. Right now, I'm in a Chem class (have to take it in order to take Microbiology) and my professor is just terrible! We're 5 weeks into the class and over 3 chapters behind schedule. He canceled class this week because he was going to be out of town. Class never starts on time, never gets through half of what we're slated to do, labs are a joke...

    I'm worried that I'm not going to learn what I need to know in order to do well in Micro. This class won't count towards my points in order to get into the nursing program and it's too late to drop or withdraw without going to the dean for special permission.

    Should I just tough it out and take my chances? Is there anything in Chem that I really need to know in order to understand Micro better? I've been pretty much teaching myself anyway, so whatever I need to know I don't mind researching on my own.

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    Quote from ThrowEdNurse
    You have to watch the medic and the nursing home. It is hysterical and exactly what I imagine it's like.

    There's the link for The Medic and the Nursing Home... too funny!!

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    I am dying laughing! I've been going through all the related videos and just cracking up!

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    1. Female
    2. Blaine is a pain. That is the truth.

    Sorry! LOL That won't make any sense unless you are a huge Stephen King fan.

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    As a pre-nursing student in the Jacksonville area (where the article was written) it makes me really nervous about my choice to become a nurse. I'm not planning on applying until Fall 2011 at the earliest, but after talking with some Jax area nurses they make it seem like it's downright impossible to get a job as a new grad.
    That being said, I'm not giving up. I'm hoping that by the time I graduate from nursing school that the area hospitals will have wised up and realized what a waste it is not hiring new grads who have been trained in hospital situations.

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    I know Shands and Baptist in Jax both have job posting listed up on their websites. Baptist doesn't have salary info, but Shands does if I remember correctly. I don't have the website names, but if you google them they are pretty easy to find.

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    That's a bummer that the Chem doesn't count, especially since you have to have it. Oh well.

    I've been thinking it over and I figure that I can do the day program as long as I can get childcare for my son. By the time I enter the program, my daughter will be in school, but he will only be around 3. Does anyone have any experience with the on campus childcare that is offered?

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    I'm actually looking into this now. A few of the local hospitals only take volunteers to work at the information desk and the gift shop, but I've found one that I know for sure allows you to volunteer shadowing a nurse or helping restock rooms.

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    I know you posted this a while back, but I wanted you to know you aren't alone! I'm planning on applying for either the Spring 2012 or (with a little luck) the Fall 2011 ASN course.

    My husband is the primary bread winner, so I stay home to care for our two kids (ages 3 and 9 months). I'm able to take one "major" class at a time along with an easier one. This is my first semester and I'm taking College Algebra and Sociology.

    Hang in there!

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    I picked up my nursing packet today, but didn't get a chance to talk to an advisor because I had my children with me.

    After looking it over and planning out my classes, I'm confident that I'll be able to apply for the Spring 2012 program. Wow... that seems so long from now!

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    Well, I haven't had to answer this question myself, but I would list a specific instance when you knew that nursing was for you. Did you have a great experience with a nurse at sometime? Witness an accident or see someone that was sick and wish you could have helped?
    Everyone says that they want to "help people", so you want to make yourself stick out a little more than that. Go into specifics of why you want to help.