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    I have also decided not to go the route of Remington. I think it is important for a school to have all the kinks worked out before taking $36,000 and have the possibility of not having your RN at the end. Thanks for all the information. If I were 20 years younger I wouldn't even hesitate to make the jump. But school is harder now for me then when I got my BS and MA. It seems to take me a lot longer to get it done then someone a wee bit younger. But for my own satisfactions I got through 16 credits of Micro,A&P 1&2, Chem last semester.

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    I appreciate the honesty about the program. It is always tough when a program is so new and they are trying to work out the kinks. I guess the first few classes are the guinea pigs for what will work and what will not. It is a shame not to be able to repeat a class without repeating the whole quarter. When I went up to the school last July to look around I know they were getting ready for visitation from another accrediting agency for the school. Any word on how that was going? I think for me the Cons out weigh the Pros. Hey at 57 this would be a third career for me. My youngest in a junior at FSU and I am widowed 5 years now, so I don't have really any family constraints on me. The question I have to ask myself is this way too much stress to handle and is this school not quite where it should be with its programs and issues.
    Thanks again for your insight!

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    Hi Rad Sugar
    Thanks for the honest evaluation of the program.. How many were in your first starting quarter and how many are left? If you don't do well in a class then is there any way of repeating the class with the load you are already carrying?

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    I have been reading the posts from the beginning and am trying to decide if the program will be too much work and money. Just took my prerequisites of A & P 1 & 2 accelerated and micro,gen chem all last semester. I am 57 and going for a third career Science Teacher, Realtor, and maybe Nursing now. Any comments from students in the program and finishing was it worth it?