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    Thanks so much for the info, janfrn!

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    I personally found the exam quite tricky, even though I passed. I thought that the questions were more difficult than the ones in the CRNE prep guide. I would recommend focusing on the community style questions. Those seemed to be the questions where every answer could have been "right" whereas with the other types (maternity, palliative, med-surg, etc), it's easier to guess if you're not sure of the answer.

    However I think the most important thing is to make sure you're okay with time during the exam. The people in my class who didn't finish the exam in time were the ones who did not pass. I consider myself a pretty fast test-taker, and even I was racing to finish.

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    I'm a new RN grad in BC and as most of you in the area have noticed, there aren't really any jobs to go around. I was able to land a casual position eventually.

    My question to all of you is, can a casual RN be eligible for maternity leave. I would like to start a family sometime soon (I waited through four years of nursing school already) but I'm not sure if I can be granted maternity leave as I am only a casual worker.

    I tried looking into the BCNU collective agreement but all of the language regarding maternity leave seems to be directed toward regular employees. Any information on this would be greatly appreciated.

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    Some of the Vancouver sites for June 2010 included a wedding palace on Marine Drive (near fraser street) and the Croatian cultural centre... There's usually 3 sites for Vancouver, 1 for Richmond and 1 for Surrey.

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    I'm from the Vancouver area and I got my results and PASSED! ;-)

    I'm so sorry for Whitebunny and all the others who didn't make it this time.. If you are in BC, there is a crne prep course called PRIMED (you can find it in google) which really helped me understand the exam. They claim that close to 100% of people pass the CRNE after taking their course, and if you don't pass, you can take their course again for free. Hope that helps...

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    People from my class are getting their results (in BC)! I haven't heard yet though...

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    The CRNE after Feb 2010 is still multiple choice, but it's a shorter exam. It's 4 hours long instead of 7 or 8.. There are about 180-200 questions altogether.