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    Quote from chocokat79

    Which brings me to this question: Is it all right for me to obtain a Visa Screen now (using my IELTS and NCLEX pass in California) and then endorse to another state after some time (after getting my VS)? Isn't immigration gonna question why I did this? By the way, I'm not planning on anything illegal or bypassing any step, just for the sake of my IELTS. I don't wanna take it anymore. I took the IELTS middle of last year for another purpose. Thanks!
    It's alright to obtain your Visa Screen now. Immigration would not question is you endorse your license to another state. It's legal. I have NY license and visa screen. Then I endorsed my license to another state after a year. Keep in mind than Visa Screen has expiration. I believe it's valid for 3 or 5 years only (im not sure)

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    My suggestion is to read the board of nursing website of NJ regarding reciprocity. You maybe able to have a NJ w/o taking another NCLEX.

    NJ does require criminal background check.

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    @chokyali. I just thought you were the one who gave the authorization letter to the school. My bad.

    @Kristov Yup, I am done with my CVS and exam. I have my NY license already.

    You can go to PRC and ask who is assigned with CVS. That's what I did.

    Chokyali is right. The working visa is the ticket in working in NY. They are currently processing 2002 or 2003.

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    1. what country are you from?

    2. what is your educational background and experience?
    BSN, 2 years experience med surg

    3. what are your goals for the future?
    to work in OR area

    4. What are the nursing issues in you country as far as education, practice, and professional?
    over supply of nurses

    5. how are nurses treated in your country?
    nurses are followers of the doctors

    6. and what else can you tell me?

    2. I know you had said there is an oversupply of nursing graduates, do you have enough teachers? that is a problem we have here.

    we don't have a problem with the number of teachers. fresh graduates (w/o any experience) can be clinical instructors as long as they are currently enrolled in a masters program

    3. Can you please explain what you mean by quantity vs quality education?

    4.What is your nurse to patient ratio in the philipines? In chicago which is where i work, we staff based on acuity, in my hospital unit (telemetry) it is about 5 or 6 patients per rn usually its based on how many nurses we have working that day too. but I work on a busy unit with critical patients. but i know here in med surg its different and ususally there are more patients per nurse.

    in our unit, there is 1 nurse to 20-25 patients. that is adult med surg.

    5.what is a call center>
    its where telemarketers work. in some american companies (mostly banks), their costumer support (troubleshooter/ 1-800-number) is in the philippines or other asian country. the costumer support in the phil is called call center

    i hope i was able to explain, im not very good with english.

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    It takes from 3 weeks to 6 months.

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    No. You are not required to attend the ceremony. But it feels good to do the ceremony thing.

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    It depends on the hospital. But I remember a co-applicants who passed the hospital's exam but didn't pass the interview since she still don't have her PRC ID. It was a requirement that you have your ID (the number is important) before working.

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    The letter of CGFNS to your school is lost in the mail. That happened to my friend. The company will send another request to your school, don't worry.

    With the PRC, you should not have any problems. They will receive it and send it on their own. They know about CVS-NY very well. I just suggest you contact the person in change in PRC, so you can know if they have received/sent it.

    With your school, I suggest you do the same. Contact the person in charge and ask for developments. Technically, the school should be the one to send the TOR and you shouldn't be sending it yourself.

    Sharing my experience.
    I applied to NY Board of nursing on November 2007. I got my ATT on June 2008. I took the exam on June 2008 also. It took me 7 months or so. At that time I thought my application process was already long! (I kept comparing to california applicants)

    Please note that CGFNS is a big company but understaffed.

    Individual responses:
    @xxjjccbb Don't worry about NY BON loosing your application. Once they received it, it's valid for a year. If you sent your application through registered mail, there is less chance of it getting lost. I sent my application to NY BON the same month I applied for online CVS.

    @Kristov No. You don't have to send another authorization letter to your school. You shouldn't order a TOR from your school. It should be CGFNS ordering from your school in your behalf. What chokyali did was not the "normal" CVS application.