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    Hi everyone,
    I am IEN from Vancouver. Today I received my exam result and I passed. This was my first time.
    Tips for those who couldn't make it: don't study very hard! Instead try to understand what they are expecting from a Canadian nurse. If it was like NCLEX I would definitely told you to study as hard as you can from different resources but when it comes to CRNE... I should say the most important thing is " how to manage situations as a nurse".
    My strategy in exam was crossing the wrong answer to find the correct one because at the first glance all of the answers seemed wrong! I also strongly recommend CNA online readiness test. In my opinion it is a reliable predictor on your performance on the exam. I got 75% for first version and 78% for the second one. If your percent is less than 70% then maybe its a alarm for you to withdraw the exam and put off the exam date.
    I didn't take any course for CRNE and started studying from mid AUG, 3-4 hours daily.The quality of your study is more important than the number of books, hours, courses....
    For those who failed: don't give up and try to find your week points that adversely affects your performance and work on it.
    Good luck to your next attempt.

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    Im an international nurse applying for CRN/BC but I required for SEC assessment in med-surg.
    Please help me .I am comfused and really dont know what to raed andhow to practice
    Do you have any experience?

    would you please tell me how can I prepare myself for SEC?what did they a ask you?