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    Hello, I am a 15 year old high school student at a very large high school with 1200 students.
    Friday, I was feeling pretty lousy all day, So I went down to the nurses office. She ran her assement on me and found out that I had a temperature.
    As I waited for my mom to come get me, I watched the chaos that occurs in my schools nurses office.
    Kids, constantly flooding in, complaining, yelling, vomiting, you name it.
    I watched in amazement as this one nurse, took care of all these students. Giving med’s, checking throats, taking temperatures, and cleaning beds. I watched as kids strolled in for a pass from PE and a pack of crackers, and watched as they laughed on their way out of the office. I was amazed at how the nurse kept her cool.
    As kids strolled in and out of her office, there were many things said. But one, very important thing, was forgotten: Thank you.
    I have always looked up to my mom, an emergency room rn, and substitute school nurse, as a hero.
    I pictured my mom, running around this office, doing a million things at once for all these students, without as much as a “Thanks.” Personally, I think being a nurse is one of the most difficult jobs in the world. Whether you are in the Emergency Room, dealing with a gun shot victim, or in a school clinic, dealing with a fever, you need to have thick skin. Doing a helpless job, without thanks, Isn’t an easy job at all. I continued to hear, ‘I have a headache, can I go home?’ But as they walked out, I never once heard, ‘Thank you.’ It really bothered me.
    My mother arrived and signed me out. As I walked by this nurse, who I now consider a hero, I smiled and said ‘Thank you. For everything.’ Her face lit up with a smile, and I knew those 4 words meant a lot to her.
    I told my mom of this during the car ride home, and she stated that as a nurse, she rarely gets thanked. It really bothered me. Later that night, I asked her to sign in to her AllNurses account so I could say a little something.
    Here’s to you, School nurses. I realize that many people think your job is very easy, and often assume that its just calling parents to send students home. Today, I realized it was so much more. You truly do an amazing job and you truly are an inspiration.

    Thank You. For Everything.

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    Know your hospital's procedure's for calling codes and get help.

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    Calm down. I realize the stress of the Emergency Room can be a bit overwhelming, I have been an ER nurse now for more than 15 years. When I first started out, I remember feeling just as you do.
    You will learn a lot, and soon, you will feel much more comfortable. On the topic of not having help from your other employee's, talk to your surpervisor and see if they can be talked to. A smooth-running Emergency Room, is a team effort.
    Don't stress yourself out. If it's too much to handle, and you feel burnt out to the point where it's affecting your patients, you may want to consider switching to another department or a better emergency room with a much better team.
    Good Luck and Keep Calm!

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    While the Emergency Room is tons of fun and exictement, it can also be very stressful. Remember to keep your cool, stay calm, and pay attention. Ask questions if you are confused and have a good time, your going to see a lot of different things!

    Good Luck!!