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    Hi Mitchsa! Thanks for the info! I just was real curious as to an example of the schedules may be like. I do understand that they change each term. I actually got accepted and completed my enrollment last week and I am now in the process of getting all of the documents they requested. I am suppose to start in Spring, April 5. I am nervous and excited in the same sense. I have been told several times that first term is the hardest. Why is that, just out of curiousity??? It just seems like there arent as many classes as some of the other terms. I also was curious, with your overall experience so far with Hondros...what do you think? Is it a good school? And how are the professors? I am really hoping to continue into the RN program once I complete the LPN. I just hope this school works out for me. Any input is GREATLY appreciated, especially from a current student like yourself! Thanks in advance!!!!

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    Thanks for the info! I wont be working while going to school either, but my husband is on 2nd shift and I have 2 kids. So the schedule being a little more broken up will help me out tremendously. How many days a week do you typically have class in a classroom? I am really excited about this, but nervous in the same sense! I just really wanted to see an example of a typical schedule for a term to kinda give me some idea.

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    I am also looking into going to Hondros. My main concern is their scheduling. Can anyone tell me how this works??? Are you there 5 days a week and is it all day? I am scheduled to attend an information session tomorrow and my financial part is all complete. I didnt go with Butler Tech because its Monday thru Friday 830-5pm and I heard Hondros is a bit more flexible with schedules, is this true? Thanks!