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    Hi! I will also be starting RN to BSN program Summer 2015 at TTUHSC. I chose 3 semesters, 2 seems like too much especially with working full-time. But I heard that even the 2 semesters is doable with working full-time but I don't want to risk it, I don't have a rush anyway! Are you going to do 2 or 3 semesters?

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    took test on fri june 11, got 75 questions, i didnt know how to feel about the test, it was difficult. WHen i thought about the questions i didn't know or wasn't sure about i thought, i failed and then i would think about the questions i knew and felt good about and i thought, i passed. so i was back and forth like that for 2 days!! ANd today i found out i PASSED!! i didnt try the pearson vue trick but i had heard that it worked. good luck to all who take the nclex-rn!!

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    pinning on fri may 14 , graduation on sat may 15 . and i got an "A" on all my finals and classes. COngrats class of 2010...we did it...

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    what an idiot "supernurse" turned out to be

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    down here where I live medical assistants work at doctor's offices and they are always being referred to as "nurses" by the doctors, staff, patients, everyone. I know that nurses used to work at doctor's offices but now they hire medical assistants because an RN is overqualified to do most of the tasks required there, a position better suited to a medical assistant, and i guess somehow the name of "nurse" just stuck and that it WRONG!! I am a nursing student (RN) who will graduate in 5 weeks and I find it insulting that these people get to be called nurses!! they have not worked as hard to achieve that title as I am doing, nor do they posses the knowledge and skills that I have been taught. They are misinforming the public of their competence. Now i'm not saying they are incompetent but they don't posses the same level of knowledge and skills that an RN does, so PLEASE do us all a favor and call them what they are "MEDICAL ASSISTANTS" or MA's for short.

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    i'm also going to graduate in may, but i feel like this semester is much more challenging (academically) than the others and i'm a little worried, but i try to stay positive because if other people can do it so can i i'm really looking forward to my preceptorship which is the last 4 weeks of school and i plan to work labor and delivery(so far, but it could change). I agree with you that nursing school is definitely the hardest thing i have ever done, but i know in the end it will be worth it all. I thought my first semester was the most difficult for me (not academically but i had a lot of issues related to the things nurses deal with) which almost caused me to dropout, but i'm glad i stuck with it. now if only i could press the fast forward button on this semester! oh well good luck CLASS of 2010!!