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    For all those that are still studying for the NCLEX and cannot afford to purchase the books for review my suggestion is to go to your local Barnes and Noble or Borders and sit down in the cafe and use the books there. I couldn't afford to buy every single book that was recommended so I made use of the bookstores and spend about 2-3 hrs every other day.

    I did not take a review class.....(couldn't afford that either) so I had to do it on my own. I liked the Exam Cram and Linda Charity book also and they are both at the bookstores listed.

    GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE WHO IS SCHEDULE TO TAKE THE NCLEX! You can all do this....if you made it through Nursing school then this should be your last hurdle!!

    I passed on my first try with 75 questions.

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    The books I used were; Linda Charity, Exam Cram, Saunders question bank. I liked the Linda Charity book, it thought it was a big help in some of my questions.

    Thanks to all the posters on this site also,,,,I read them all and gathered some tips from here.

    I love this site.

    Good luck to all of the future test takers!

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    Felt the same on my exam 75 questions, did the the pop up.

    I found out on Friday that I passed!!!!!!!

    Wish you all the best...let us know if you passed.

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    Just relax now,,there is no need to get stress at this point you need to stay focus. Get to the location early...relax in your car...take in some fresh air and say a prayer.

    Good luck!!!!!...and take your time with the questions, make sure that you understand what the questions are asking you for. It is better to have some time spent on the first 75 questions and answer them to your best knowledge than to rush.

    Keep us inform of your experience....!

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    I am so proud of your accomplishments! I read every word that you wrote and found it really inspirational to my ears. You are a tough cookie!! What is for you in life will be for you...we may have some stumbling blocks in your way but those are there to make you stronger. May god bless you in your journey now as a RN.


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    I felt the same too. I took mine on the 24th, got 75 questions with a lot of SATA and meds that I never heard of. I had no calculation questions, maybe 2 Ob and 1 pysc question that I could remembered. I left the center feeling as though I saw some ghost on the computer screen...LOL! Got home..checked the PVT and got the good pop up. Found out on Friday at about 11.00am that I passed!!!!!! I am now a RN.

    good luck to passed!

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    I did not get to do a review class also. I studied from the LaCharity book which had some great priority and delegation questions. I also did the 'CRAM' book and I found them to be of great help while taking my test. I took my NCLEX on March 24th at 8.00am, so I am waiting to see my results tomorrow morning.

    Good luck to you also and please don't let anxiety get in the way, practice some deep breathing exercises before you walk into the room and if you are a praying person do that "it's a must".

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    I will be taking my test later on this month also. I am using Exam Cram NCLEX-RN by pearson education. There are 1200 questions with detailed answers. This is a very good resource for me to study from. I have learned so much just from this one book. It is also available at Borders Book store also. If you cannot afford to buy the book, just pay a visit to the store and use it there as much as you can.

    Good luck to all of the NCLEX test takers!!! All things are possible through god! Just ask and believe...!

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    It was very helpful for me....I liked the book. It was just questions and rationales.

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    It was very helpful for me....I like the book. It was just questions.

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    Thanks for the tip....I will not stress too much on that area. Hopefully yes, I won't get too many or none at all.

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    I always seems to miss one selection each time I practice SATA questions. It is very frustrating....I am praying that I don't get too many on my NCLEX.

    Any suggestions out help relieve my stress level now???? I am waiting on my ATT. I hope that I am not over studying and burning myself out before I choose a date.

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    I am nervous about the SATA questions. I always seem to miss one selection when when studying SATA questions. I am getting frustrated. I am nervous about SATA questions on the NCLEX! I hope and pray that I don't have too many...I think I will freak out.
    Any suggestions out there?

    I am waiting on my ATT just to get it over with.......I am tired studying.

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    Good job, Congrats! RN.

    I also graduated back in Dec 12th, still waiting on my ATT.

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    GOOD LUCK! You can do it! Let us know how you did. I have started to read the Lacharity Book also and I think it is a great tool.