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    I tried the "trick" and got the message " you Board of Nursing", so I'm gaurdedly hopeful that I've passed this damn NCLEX thing! I took the test yesterday (Tuesday, Jan. 26th) and was suicidal during and immediately after the test!!!!! I made it through nursing school with a 3.8, I took a local NCLEX review course (for 375.00), and I studied about 80 hours before the test. I believed I was well prepared. As I sat there looking at the computer screen, well prepared, is not how I felt!!!! I was blown away by the number of questions which I had to guess at, not even being able to narrow down the answers to two "correct" choices. This test was ridiculously hard....I knew 15% of the answers for sure, 25% possibly, not sure, and 60% no clue. I later read that this test is designed so that 50% of the questions are extremely difficult, and that passing the test does not require what I would traditionally think of as a 'good' grade. I hope that this is the case, since that means I got 15% correct and there's a chance that I could pull off a passing grade......I'm pullng my hair out waiting for the results..........