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    2BJenurse- Waitlists arent such a bad thing, youre right at least its not a complete rejection. Did they tell you what number you were on the list?

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    KK4YOU- My app was sent directly. I didn't use the computer system to apply. I think you should be fine.

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    Honestly, I'm out of town right now and my sister called and opened it for me. She read "Congratulations.." and I started yelling. Needless to say I didn't hear the rest hahaha. I'll probably move out from socal to Vegas in October

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    Hey everyone!! I got an acceptance letter in the mail today I'm sure you will all be getting yours soon too!! I'm sooooo excited!!

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    Anyone heard anything yet or tried to call? I haven't heard back yet, just that one follow up email before my app went to the nursing dept. Let me know

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    JBJenurse- thanks for ur update. So looks like next week the committee will decide. Let me know if you hear anything further. I'm coming out from so cal and Touro is the only place I applied to, so I'm hoping for good news.

    What abt u?

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    Hi everyone! I just got an email that included this:
    We have completed the preliminary evaluation of your application. Your application has been submitted to the admission committee for final review and decision.

    Anyone else get this or get to the step after this? Let me know! Thanks

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    Hey everyone! I just wanted to share with you that I was told the app deadlines for the Nov start date was June 30th. When I asked if it was better to apply sooner than later I was told it didnt matter when I applied, ALL applications would be opened and reviewed after the June 30th deadline. I know right! Not the answer I wanted to hear either but that's what I was told. Hope that eases some waiting tension.

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    I totaly got my hopes up too!!

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    Hi empyreal,
    I called Touro today and I asked admissions about the July BSN start date and they said they only admit twice a year, March and November.

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    Did anyone find out if there is a July start date?? Last I checked the next start date was November. Please let me know if there is one so I can apply asap!

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    Hey KK4YOU,
    I ended up taking a spontaneous trip out to Vegas this last Thursday so I went to the school on Fri. The person I met took me on a tour like you said and she looked over my transcripts. She said based on A&P, Micro, and TEAS I would be admitted . Made my weekend!
    I also got some info about the program from people who have been through it. I have to pre warn you, I'm just going to copy and paste, so this message is gonna be pretty LONG!! Here you go:

    Rachel D. has sent you a message :

    RE: Touro U- Nevada

    "Hi Jackie!

    Honestly, getting accepted into the program is fairly easy; it's just staying in that's going to require some work. When I got accepted, there were people who walked into the school, got interviewed that day and were accepted. The application process is getting more competitive now, and they are definitely being choosey now requiring really good grades and experience. To be quite honest, I didn't have a great GPA going in but my prereqs were good. Like I said, it isn't that hard getting in...

    Have you checked out their website?

    You can contact our admissions counselor. She'll be happy to answer all your questions or you can check out the website.

    If you have a BA, you would automatically be enrolled in their Entry Level Masters Program. The prereqs are the same for the Entry Level Masters and the Accelerated BSN. The BSN program is 16 months long, and I believe it costs more than $8000 a semester now for 4 semesters ($32,000, which is about normal for a private school). Financial aid is a joke: You definitely have to take out multiple loans when you're there. I believe now they don't give GRAD PLUS loans anymore, and you might have to take out private student loans or if you're lucky you can take out Stafford Loans (if you didn't max out your Stafford allowance). Again, check with financial aid, as this might have changed.

    The Entry Level Masters is an additional 3 more semesters after the BSN portion, and will offer Nursing Administration and Nursing Education I believe. I hear the Masters portion will be online, and the costs of the tuition will basically, you can work anywhere in the US...and still do the Masters...ONLINE....(not my cup of tea though...). Not sure exactly what the figures are for the Masters portion yet...

    The program has now two cohorts a year. When I was there, I started in July and ended in October of the next year.

    So far, there are some kinks that need to be fixed in the program, as they are only 4-5 years old. We have a decent director now (since our old one ditched along with some faculty of a few leaving in the middle of the semester!), as she is one of our former faculty. The program will be a lot more strict now that she's the boss. The staff/faculty is very nice here though...

    When it comes to clinical experience, I feel that you don't really feel prepared coming out of nursing school. It just depends on where you go, who your clinical faculty/preceptor is, etc. that may give you or not give you clinical skills. I would try to do my best to do things when you're given a chance...cuz you won't get them again...DO A PRECEPTORSHIP!

    I went to this school to get my nursing degree quick: 16 months! I really didn't care much for the politics, and really just wanted to start working. Therefore, it's really up to you if you want to go here, as it does cost a lot of money (I'm suffering right now paying my debt!). It might even be smart to just join the military-my friend did and the govt is paying his loans off! =)

    I hope that helps! If you need any more questions asked, please don't hesitate to ask. Good luck!

    Btw, Touro is a Jewish school, so we get all the Jewish holidays out, observe the Sabbath (school closes at 3pm on Friday until sundown on Saturday), as well as all the regular national holidays!"


    Theresa B. has sent you a message :

    RE: Touro U- Nevada

    "Hi there!

    I was in the july 07 class...and back then, since the program was fairly new, things were a bit easier in my opinion. i had a 3.0 gpa. the application process was so easy. i applied. sent in my transcripts. they called me 1 month after i sent it in for an interview. i flew it for the interview on may 29th. i moved to las vegas on june 29th. started school on july 2nd.

    it was a small school so youll get to know everyone quickly. its nice bcoz everything is in 1 bldg so there's separate bldg for admission...or financial aid...or whatever. they were all in one office thats was convenient for students. i took out a loan...that i should have been more wised with. i took out approx. 70k....and it sucks paying that crap back!! seriously...go in...get ur bsn degree...take ur nclex and work. it has nothing to do with how great the program is or if this or that...ur goal is to get ur rn degree and touro will give it to u the fast and easy way!

    everythng else you'll learn when you start working!"

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    I took version 4.0. I didn't know there were different versions. Although, I went in thinking it was going to be done on the computer but it ended up being on a scantron, old school style

    Do you know the difference between the two?

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    Hey KK4YOU,
    Let's see.. for the math sections there was a lot of fractions and word questions. But nothing too elaborate. It was pretty straight forward, but very time consuming. We didn't get to use a calculator at all, just scratch paper. From what I've heard calculators are not allowed. Oh yeah, know what the mean, median, and mode is. The first couple of questions on my test were about those 3. For the science I went through this site just reading over what people were saying. Lots of people were suggesting and the sites other links like I went over those sites and it helped. But the ATI teas study guide science portion went into WAAAAAY too much detail. It makes you kinda confused. So don't think it'll be that tough because it wasn't too bad. Under the life science part of the study guide there was questions on passive/active transport/facilitated diffusion, hypotonic/hypertonic/istonic solutions, homozygous/heterozygous, dilution, and independent/dependent variable/and control. Also, I had to know the how to read the periodic table because there were questions about naming the element that was drawn. The reading and the english part are pretty basic, you can't really study for it. Just go through the practice tests and you'll be fine. Oh ya I studied off these questions too , I'm sure you've already seen this but it helped!

    Im gonna try to make an appointment within the next couple of months! I'll probably just try to email her and see if I can get a response that way. Thanks for the info! Good luck studying and I'll talk to you soon!

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    Hey, did you have to make an appointment to take a tour and speak to a counselor? I want to do that as well. Sounds like you were satisfied with what you saw though, that's a plus. And ya, I'm so excited that rent won't be so expensive, and the entire cost of living will be so much cheaper. That's a double plus!

    Good luck on the TEAS test. If you have any questions I'll be happy to try to help!