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    All of my teachers and clinical instructors have been amazing! I feel like Ive taken something away from each class or clinical....

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    I am going into my 4th semester of nursing school (ADN), and it is very hard to work and go to school. What I have done is to get a Part-time job in a nursing home (I work every Friday and every other Saturday and Sunday) I take out extra student loans to make up the difference. My BF works, and I am lucky because he pays most of the big bills (rent, and groceries.) but every month I make $400 less than what we need to make up the difference. When I decided to go to nursing school, I prepared beforehand, we have no car payments, we do not take vacations, my kids get things for their birthdays and christmas, and thats pretty much it. We live cheap, we go without new things, we drive older cars, and I work pretty much full time between semesters. Its not an easy way to live, and I am frequently jealous of my classmates that do not work, drive new cars, go on vacation, and have endless time to study. But that really only gets you so far and how I handle it is up to me... You are capable of much more than you think you are! Oh, and the song "Better Life" by Keith Urban has become my theme song! lol

    "Oh now there's a place for you and me
    Where we can dream as big as the sky
    I know it's hard to see it now
    But baby someday we're gonna fly
    This road we're on, you know it might be long
    But my faith is strong
    It's all that really matters"

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    I am an atheist and I applaud your kindness when helping this woman. Prayer is about more than just a higher power. Its optimism, acceptance, and is personal to all who use it. I hope if I ever have to serious surgery like that, I have a nurse like you, that when I am a nurse that I will BE a nurse like you. Not for the prayer, but for the comfort that you gave her, what SHE needed. I recently searched all over the hospital my last clinical day this semester for a bible for my patient becuase we couldnt comfort her like the bible she has relied on her whole life. On a side note, your writing is excellent....

    "As with all things, there is always a story, isn’t there? A moment, brought to the fore by a seemingly innocent interaction, which has become the representation of a personal, undeniable, defining truth." Cheesepotato

    (the name makes it a little funny, but you get my point )

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    I have many of the same problems as the OP, you just described my night!!! lol Had a bad night at work and found this thread, just feeling a little discouraged, and this does help.... I am going to try some of these suggestions. I have also found that if you get to know your resident, you can make the experience enjoyable for them. A massaging shower head on an aching back helps, as well as a good scrubbing on an itchy one. Just small things that actually make the shower a good thing. Of course, sometimes they will be mad no matter what, so make it quick!!

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    I have a friend who decided that she wanted to be a nurse because she wanted to make good money. Wanted to be an LPN because she didnt want to be a "real" nurse. Wanted out of her factory job because she didnt like to work the occasional weekend. All of this she shared with her college recruiter, and did he set her straight on any points? NOPE!!!! He didnt tell her that nursing school is hard work, or that so many nurses leave the profeswsion because at the very least, you have to be good under pressure, be able to make decisions and be responsible for your actions no matter what!!! Its not just a job where you can scrape by with the minimum amount of effort. He didnt tell her that MOST nurses are required to work some weekends and holidays, or that LPNs ARE real nurses and they have the same capacity to help and harm their patients as RNs do.

    A lot of the misconceptions about this profession need to be addressed by the colleges, but they arent because the more nursing students a college has, the more $$$$$$ they make!!!! There is no nursing shortage where I live, but these places still throw these statistics at new applicants, encouraging them to go to nursing school.

    I dont think that it has to be in your soul, but your expectations need to be realistic, this is hard schooling and a hard job, and so many dont see this!!!

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    love the bubble wrap idea!!!

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    Ruby Vee,
    your stories make me laugh AND cry.
    Sorry for the loss of your father....

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    “That was my purpose in life, to be her mom.”

    The saddest line of the article...

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    thank you so much, that makes me feel a lot better about what to expect.

    Let me just say too, I have even more respect for the CNAs that do this everyday, quickly, efficiently, yet still with compassion.

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    this is my first thread on allnurses, and I just wanted some feedback.

    I just finished my clinicals for CNA certification. I am a nursing stufdent, and I want to get my hands dirty, so to speak, before I do my nursing clinicals.

    My clinical for CNA went well, I enjoyed the residents, and (most) of the work. I keep questioning myself though, I thought I did well, but I am slow at some of the tasks, not very organized and hesitant at times about what to do next. I also wanted to know how much training you got before you were on your own? In my past jobs, after some time, I am very efficient, and can really get things done. Maybe it is the human care aspect that is making me nervous..

    I really think that I could like the job and I feel that I need experience before I start my nursing clinicals.

    Just thought maybe if anybody on here felt the same way, you could give me some pointers?

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    Quote from CoffeemateCNA
    I almost quit class when I found out I had to do clinicals in a nursing home. I did not even want to think about having to deal with an "old person." I was so set on doing clinicals and working in a hospital (I had such an inaccurate perception of the field all the way around ). I followed my teacher's advice and just tried clinicals in a nursing home.

    I loved it.

    Yes, it was/is very hard. But I'm happy I made the choice. Now I would rather work with seniors than middle aged- or younger adults.
    Same here! "Old People" scared the crap out of me, but I actually am looking forward to working in a nursing home. Not because of the work, but because of the residents...

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    Quote from DuluthMike
    A little over 6% of RN's are male. If you look at the trend since 1990, 10% of incoming nurse are male. Another recent study showed that that 13% of all incoming RN students were male. But is this enough? Other professions have taken action to promote equal gender saturation. Medicine, for example, has been on an active crusade to increase equal gender saturation in the profession. 54% of incoming medical students are female. It would seem that their action has yielded results. As a profession, nursing has not done near enough to equalize gender saturation among our ranks. What can we do, if anything, to promote more men entering nursing?
    I think that you are taking the first steps, becoming a male RN and showing that you have pride in your profession..

    Maybe if colleges started support groups for more male RNs and LPNs at the institutions, there might be more that finish the program. At my school, an astounding amount of people (men and women), quit the program before finishing. Also, trade schools could start educating more of the students that they deal with, bring to light just how many males are joining the nursing profession...

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    Maybe the charge nurse felt that you thought she couldnt handle the situation?
    I also have a tendency to be very sensitive about handling my own problems, even when I am drowning and I need a flotation device...

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    Quote from whodatnurse
    If she were a janitor or a pharmacist, would that make all janitors or pharmacists look bad?
    You have a point...what I should have said was that in the publics eye, it can seem worse because she is a nurse

    I just wish that she hadnt been a nurse I guess...

    Or that when she adopted a child, she would have been smart enough to realize that it wouldnt be all sunshine and roses...

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    This woman makes nurses, adoptive parents and Americans look bad...There are many adoptive families who have invested themselves emotionally and financially to adopt Russian children that cant do it now..

    From what I understand, it was the grandmother who put the boty on the plane at the request of the mother, theres one family member there that could have helped her, did she?