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    aww thanks guys, the replys are awesome and i soo totally can relate thanks much xoxox

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    sorry hun wrong choice of words and was in a haste when writing issue is really that i want the rest staff members to be more proactive so that they can be complimented also..

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    hi guys just wanted to know if you have a favorite surgeon to scrub and vice versa, at my hospital..i have surgeons that ask for me to scrub with them all the time one of them actually told me that he wants to put me away in a box and when he has a case take me out so i could be his nurse all the time. I love or nursing, its my passion..but im not comfortable with the other staff seeing this it would be grateful that they felt like this about the other guys i try to share with them the passion but they just dont get it...

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    here is a link that might help.
    it has every thing I think the diagnosis itself needs to attended to fluid volume excess related to (what ever is causing the excess volume for eg..increased sodium. kindey disease etc) as evidenced by weight gain or edema or as she said increased abdominal girth but an increased abdominal girth may not necessarily be a result of increased fluid volume unless the patient has generalized edema.hope it helps let me know....