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    I graduated from Columbia State in 1989 (Franklin campus). It was difficult, but I felt it was a good program. That was when we were always a day behind on lectures, because we did not have "live feeds" and had to wait for the tape to be delivered to our campus. I am sorry to hear the negative comments about it. :uhoh21:

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    I think what we see in nursing is just a cross section of what is going on in society today. I love taking care of the patients who for the most part give me no grief. But the families. OMG, they drive me crazy. Family members will hunt me down if their loved ones don't get what they want within 2 or 3 minutes. Now I am not talking about emergencies, I am talking about a pitcher of ice water, washcloths and such. With staffing being as short as it is, and the nurse to patient ratio being higher, the last thing I need in a stressful work environment is an overly demanding family member