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    This seems to be problem everywhere, and as a nursing home administrator, I can tell you it happens in the best facilities. Stress and workload seem to be the biggest problems, but just overall courtesy and sensitivity seem to have gone out the door, and we wonder why turnover is high. Our nursing programs could do a better job of teaching nurses to be working nurses, too. I sometimes wonder where teamwork went! Don't give up. Be the best you can be for the people who count, the residents.........

    Quote from stacyRN2006
    I want to hear this opinion.... Im on one of the busiest floors in the hospital.... a surgery floor, colonoscopy floor... you name it, i get it.... everything except renal and heart patients, all though we do get those.... recently, I've been the only CNA/Nurse Tech oh the floor with 30 patients, and 5 nurses... not including the charge nurse. You know, sometimes, not to be raging at RNs because I want to be one someday, some are just down right lazy! Why is it that some just take advantage of me and act like I should stop right where I am at, and do this for them? I was in the middle of a shower/dressing change, changing the bed, when this RN comes in there and acts like I need to pull a bed down for this new admit STAT?

    I think some can act like I can split in 2. I don't understand!