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    I am a little past the half way mark in my first session at Chamberlain taking Transitions in Nursing and Motivation and Leadership.

    Next session I am taking NR305 Health Assessment and NR361 Info Systems and was wondering how heavy the workload is.


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    Did you end up getting into the program? If so, how is it going?

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    I'd be interested in knowing as well

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    I took both me if you are want to know more about the classes

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    I believe the average gpa this semester was in the 3.8 range; however, it varies from semester to semester. Last semester had a lower average gpa. Hope this helps!

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    My schedule is:

    M 1-3 Clinical lecture
    T 7-2:45 Clinical
    W 7-2:45 Clinical
    Th 8-11 Theory

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    So how is everyone feeling after their 1st week? I'm exhausted!

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    My doctor just wrote N/A. She also couldn't do the vision portion. I'm just leaving it at that for now.

    Let us know what you find out as I have another appointment on the 16th for my 2nd Hep B so if needed, I'll have her do it then.

    Did you get all your books etc. yet? Has anyone completed their ATI testing? Anyone going to the workshops?

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    I don't think it is a requirement to print it out but I plan on organizing my notebooks using the syllabus for each unit.

    Where has everyone been finding the best deals on textbooks for this semester? I've bought some from Amazon already.

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    Quote from haimyem
    It seems like every semester the bookstore is behind in getting skills kits in. I know some students didn't get theirs in until after school had started when I first began. The first one or two skills you don't need your kit, and instructors are completely aware of the whole skills kit situation and make allowances for those without. And the BP cuff...well, you'll see that in fact most of the time it's not as big as you think it is..... It appears like you are almost done with everything!!
    I still need my 2 MMRs (my doctors office didn't have then), remaining 2 Hep B shots, 2nd TB, stethoscope, skill kit and books. I'm getting there slowly but surely! Besides uploading the documentation to certified bg, do we give copies to the school as well?

    I'm gonna need a whole lotta ink to print that monster syllabus. Where are the due dates for each unit?

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    Quote from haimyem
    KMB624 - it would be a new thing they are doing if they are adding it into your skills kit. The steth, BP cuff, penlight, scissors, etc. are separate from your skills kit. Your skills kit only includes what you need for skills check offs. Everyone has a preference on what steth or BP cuff, as well as penlight, they want to buy, so it hasn't been included in the skills kit.
    The bp cuff I bought had a cute pattern but seemed huge. I wasn't really sure what to look for in the bp cuff or penlight to get so I just bought those at Scrubs N' Stuff.

    I'm still waiting for the bookstore to get the skill kits in.

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    Thanks! The ebook functions seemed cool; however, I wanted to check before plunking down a lot of money on it....especially since the 1st semester of nursing school is so dang expensive.

    It was so hard to find a CPR place w/ a weekend class that wasn't a bigillion hours long so this one was really convenient. Let me know who you go to next time around.

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    Quote from haimyem

    Try the Skechers store on US 19 in Clearwater Mall for your shoes - good price and more comfy than the Reeboks I tried on for double the price. Just remember they have to be all white, but a little grey fleck or two on the side won't get you into trouble. I heard that now the bookstore is no longer carrying the syllabus, and it's always available on Angel under your course listing. This means you'll have to do a ton of printing this semester as you guys have a lot of skills check offs. As far as back pack - a lot of people have roller Jansport backpacks, but then a ton of people use the rolling crates you can find at Office Depot or Staples. In level 1 they make you carry around a lot more books than in the other levels. And perhaps the sales lady at Scrubs n Stuff was pushing the MDF steth on you because they make more money off them than the Littmanns - the Littmanns are more expensive so maybe they can't make as much profit off of them as they can the MDF brand. Hope this helps....
    Thanks so much!

    What do you think about the ebook bundle? Is it worth it?

    I just took my CPR class over in St. Pete at the place you suggested. I think I had the same lady. It was really quick and not intimidating at all.

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    Quote from ALavallee
    I didn't receive an email about workshops. Can you tell me what it said? When did you sign up for the TEAS? I am going on the 1st in the am.
    Check out your MySPC should be there. They are having the following workshops:
    Math for Meds
    Critical Thinking

    I signed up for the 8/15 date. It conflicts w/ the workshops...ugh!

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    I went to buy my uniforms today. They were completely out of the white polos in my size and had only two pairs of the bottoms I wanted. I was able to place an order for what I needed so I don't have to worry about this happening next time. I bought my bp cuff and penlight there as well.

    I didn't buy my stethescope yet. I've heard Littmanns were the best but when I asked the lady helping me which ones she had available, she tried to push a MDF steth on me for $40. I just though it odd that she offered a less expensive steth. The MDF was louder but the sound quality was off. Anyway....after comparing the Littmann and MDF, I was totally confused. I'll do more research as I'm not sure exactley what I should be looking for in one to begin with.

    The bookstore was out of the skill kit and I'm still confused on whether or not the syllabus is bought in the bookstore or found in Angel. The orientation paperwork said that it is located on Angel but the workshop email I received said that the syllabus can be bought in the bookstore. And guess what....the workshops are in the same timeslot as the ATI testing I scheduled....go figure!

    I'm not sure what type of shoes to get or backpack....guess I'll research those as well. LOL.

    Any tips or must-haves from other SPC students would be greatly appreciated!