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    Hello Suzanne,

    Hope all is well and the sun is shining ))
    An idea came to my mind and i wanted to ask what you think about it.
    The state of Arizona doesn't require CES. and i think there are other states that don't require that service. So i was thinking: can i just file the Visa Screen(which does an evaluation of the educational background) and then go to US and take the NCLEX exam?

    Have you had any cases when a nurse can by-pass the CGFNS Qualifying exam?

    THanks a lot.

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    Hello Suzanne,

    Could you please tell me does the Visa Screen program issue a credential evaluation report like CES does?
    Basically, my thinking is:
    1. I apply for VIsa Screen program since it takes the longest time;
    2. Pass the english proficiency exam;
    3. Pass the CGFNS Qualifying exam (i pay 295 for the service);

    Do i need to make the CES in order to get that report or does the visa screen do that?

    Thanks a lot for your help.

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    HI Suzanne,
    You advised me in one thread to file first the Visa Screen papers and then go with the english exam, then CGFNS exam and the last to take NCLEX. But how can i file the visa screen papers if they require either CGFNS exam or NCLEX?

    thank you.

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    Thanks a lot for your promt reply Suzanne.

    But before i apply for CGFNS exam do i still have to fill in the Certification Program forms? will they run another check of my educational backround?

    Thank you.

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    Hello Suzanne,
    Can i apply for visa screen without holding the CGFNS Certificate? Assuming i'll have NCLEX at the time of application?

    Thanks a bunch.

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    Hello dear Suzanne
    Could you please help me with one matter.
    I'm researching now what's the best route for me to start working towards obtaining a green card. I'm a foreing educated nurse. I know i have to obtain the CGFNS Certificate, pass NCLEX, fill in the Visa Screen and then apply for immigration.
    the headache for me is in what order should i take these steps in order to get to US quicker. I know from your posts that visa screen takes a long time for example.
    PLease, advise me.
    Thank you very much.

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    Hi Moninurse,

    Congratulations for you passing the NCLEX. Tell me please what did you find difficult about it?