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    IF you look at that link it is the NLN membership website. which from what I understand is different from NLNAC website. NLNAC is the actual accredidation. is the website I have been looking at. It list schools with accredidation and schools with candidacy status. Platt is on there. DSN is not,I'm keeping my fingers crossed for both!!!-VS

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    Hello,I have been doing a lot of research on their accredidation. I believe that the link that you posted just means that they are members of the NLN which is different than the NLNAC as stated on that website. THIS IS FROM THE FAQ PAGECan I pay my Agency Member dues and the NLNAC annual accreditation fee in one check to the NLN? No, because: NLNAC became a seperate entity January 1, 2001 NLN and NLNAC will bill separately for membership and accreditation fees respectively This link is that the NLNAC page list of schools with candidacy. The link you had was for NLN members which is not the accredidation page. is not to say that the page is completely up to date. They may indeed have candidacy but I have been checking this website and I havent seen them on there yet. I'm keeping my fingers crossed since I am applying to DSN. Hopefully it happens soon!!!-VS