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    I believe the accelerated programs are for RN's who have a bachelor's in another field. Meanming they received a BA and then an RN through an ADN or di[polma program. They are then able to pursue a bridge program/MSN. If you are not a Registered Nurse you can not do an accelerated MSN Program.

    Good Luck.

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    Trauma RU,

    I see you are a ANP. I am getting my MSN through Uof P then plan to apply to a cetificate program for my FNP. Have you heard of any issues with schools not accepting a MSN form U of P? Or programs not accepting MSN grads who do not have a BSN. One prgram in my state (SC) will not take a post MSN who does not have a BSN. Once I hopefully finish I will have a ADN, a BA, and my MSN. Have you heard of this? Thank you!

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    Hi Old nurse new nurse

    I will also be starting the MSN Program at UofP next week. I start the workshop on the 20th, then classes start 1/26/10 for me. I would love to keep in touch for support!


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    Well it depends on your career goals once you are an RN. If you only want to work as a staff nurse and you are not interested in advanced practice such as a Nurse Practitioner or Nurse Educator, then an ADN program might be for you. But, if you are at all considering continuing your education, I would suggest getting your BSN. If you are starting from scratch, an ADN is probably going to take you 4 years, almost the same time as an BSN. So, just to cover yourself, it might just be benefical to get your BSN. You do get a little more an hour as a BSN, and some places only hire BSN's for certain positions, like an educator position.

    Have you looked into online classes? That way you can take courses from home, since you do have a young child. There are accelerated prgrams too, such as at MUSC, where you could finish more quickly.

    Hope that helps.... Good luck!

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    I am hoping some of you may have some input. I am in the process of submitting an application to a RN-MSN Program for FNP. It is a simple application; no essay, no resume, no GRE. They just ask for transcripts, 3 recommendations, and RN license verification for the most part. On the application they only asked for my last 3 positions. They did ask for "professional activities" in the last 3 years. Could you please tell me what you think they are looking for? ACLS? CCRN? What? They also asked for any special considerations I might want to add. I did add a brief personal history of the last 3 years. The reason being that I thought it might explain why I do not have any siginificant professional activities. I got married in 2006, since then I have had 2 children (both under 2), but have been pregnant 4 times, I miscarreid twice. I work full time and my husband needs assistance daily, he was disabled in the AirForce years ago. I did not go into great detail. It was just a short paragraph. I just wanted to let the admissions committee know that I am not a "slacker" just because I have not participated in professional acitivties for the past 3 years. I have been busy with my life. Is that inappropriate to tell them? I made sure to state I was not looking for special treatment, I just thought it important to mention. I am sure most applicants have a lot going on in their personal life, I did not want it to appear as though I was making excuses.

    I would really appreciate any input. It just seems that there is not much to the application, probably focusing on grades. I know my referecnes will be excellant, but I am concerned that I am not well rounded enough?!

    Also, does any one suggest asking for an interview if they do not require one?

    Thank you very much!!!

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    I am an ADN RN with a BA in another field. I just applied to Drexel University's online Acute Care NP Program, with the RN-MSN Bridge Program. Can anyone tell me how competitive this program is, or any advice about the program?

    Thank you!