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    I have had Fibro for too many years to count and have a several dr's I go to who understand it quite well...I too had tried Nsaid's which some have worked but due to gettings Ulcer's easily now cannot take---I now use Zanaflex4mg--It is a med that you take slowly like 1mg it is a scored tab---I take 4mg a noc to help me sleep Used to take amitriptiline upwards of 100mg then it quit working---So now I take Restoril 30mg & Zanaflex 4mg otherwise do not sleep---Due to 2 disc's bulging and degenerating etc I also take Lortab-which I used to utilize Ultram which worked for me but now only Lortab---So between Lortab and Zanaflex--I am functioning--What is quite Interesting I now have a sulfite alllergy--Had an Anaphalactic reaction on Nov.4--Now have lost 30#'s Does not seem to help fibro....When one has many other conditions to boot and all the research that I and others have done---It is a very true and very understood disease--Yess there many dr's who do not understand and many people who have dx's that are not true frbro=catchall--but when you do have the true FRIBO== It is real===And we are not drug seekers or compainers!!!!! Anyone who is close to us know that many of us keep right on going LIKE THE ENERGIZER BUNNY. THANKS FOR LETTING ME BLOW OFF SOME STEAM I would welcome personal emails if I can help some one with some ??'s.

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    Quote from cbarnett2
    It is so sad to hear "health professionals" take these types of views of their patients...

    There will always be Hypochondriacs and Drug Abusers among us and unfortunately they do misuse the health system in many cases. They were here before fibromyalgia and they will certainly be around in years to come.

    But to discount a person whom you just made first contact with because they are suffering from a condition that is commonly used as a means to an end by hypochondriacs and/or drug abusers is IMHO beyond unprofessional and to me sounds very similar to discriminations of the past... :uhoh21: like assuming everyone with HIV/AIDS is or was a heroin user, a homosexual, or a prostitute.

    I am starting to wonder how many here slept through their "Medical Ethics" class in nursing school. :imbar

    I take personal offense to the above quoted comment as hypoglycemia is very common in my family. My newborn daughter was kept in the hospital because she was hypoglycemic on delivery and took more than 24 hrs to maintain a normal blood sugar. She is 3 yrs old and still has symptoms from time to time. I am no endochronologist but I do know that hypoglycemia is widely acknowledged by DRs as closely related to diabetes and or a precursor to diabetes and IS a real condition that myself, my sister, my mother, and brother have dealt with for years.

    As for FM I was diagnosed at 19 by a rheumatologist who based his DX on the pressure point test. I have never accepted narcotics, antidepressants, or sleep aids for my problem, although I think that these can be helpful to some with correct supervison (as with any condition requiring pain management). I prefer to work on keeping my weight and stress under control and stay active...but you know weight, stress, and inactivity are a common cause of a long list of medical problems people have...

    I know with great certainty that I would be very critical of anyone's ability to care for me if I arrived in their ER and got the old eye roll when I mention that I have a history of FM and hypoglycemia...I believe that I would have a valid reason to question their ability to care for me properly because of their ignorance...

    BTW I do not apologize for rambling... :chuckle
    I too have FM I have tried NSAIDS and have been acussed of not taking my meds as I should----This disease is such a mimic of other processes that it is very hard to tell if it just the aches and pains due to FM Or more serious to justify seeing the doc and which doc! I now have L4 & L5 degenerations with Ostio with min. bulge.....Depending on how much pain depends on the pain med---Yes I have tried neurotin and the others in that class the side effects did not justify the means---So I keep going and rest when I must from much proding from familly and friends and then off I go I do not not not have depression....Amitriptiline 25mg only helps to relax the body a bit to sleep---But now with the muscle cramps oh wow try this; for relaxing you can't sleep walk or rest when the happen mostly at night ..Oh welll we all go through our own hell's so thoes of you who doubt I sure hope you never acquire this phenomonom......

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    Can you tell me what happened in Cali--with the ma's. I have been a ma since 1976 and have been involved in health care for several years previous to that... I have been an instructor etc. and belive that what you put into something is what you get out of it.

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    What do you mean guidance? I am new to this web site and trying to figure out how to read your answers without moving cursor up and down can ya tell me what to do..

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    Quote from lmr
    This is to anyone that can help!! I am really undecided, I turned in my application to Excelsior to start the ADN program, but having 2nd thoughts. I worked in Surgery for almost 10 years as a Surgical Tech. I am not sure if I would have the knowledge to pass the 2 1/2 day clep exam that they offer at the end of the program. I need some advice, can this clep can be done if you have never started an IV or catherized a patient? I really want to get my degree, but do not want to go through all these classes and then fail the Clep. Does anyone know where I could obtain this type of knowledge? I no longer work in a Hospital, so that would not be an option of learning. If anyone could help I am desperate!!!!

    Hi, I was accepted Last Feb....I finished my under grad pre req first...I took micro and anat from Brigham Young Univ. Independantly and would recom..them highly....and the life span with excel...I have been a reg. med asst. since 1976 and have setup two med offices and have learned alot over years.... I am in my 50's....I have now flunked concepts 1 twice....So I now hve to chg my study techniques.. and get a study buddy... I wish to find someone close to home so face to face may help me l Yes I am afraid on the cpne.... But if others can make it an have invested alot of money already can't stop.. You may email me directly if you wish I will pass on what I know....