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  • May 17 '12

    Don't be afraid to ask questions if you don't know something. If the other nurses get mad that is their problem not yours. Glance through the MAR/TAR at the beginning of the shift to gather supplies you will need so your not running back and forth once you get down the hall. If someone wants something at a specific time or done a certain way, be patient. Think of yourself as serving your customers. Kindness gets you a long way with patient's and staff. If either one of them doesn't like you they can make your job much harder. At the same time, don't take what an angry patient says personally. Treat them with kindness no matter how they treat you and they will begin to respect and even like you.

  • May 17 '12

    Have you ever had to deal with a difficult patient?

    It's challenging to say the least, but did you know that they help you become a better nurse?

    It's not always easy to find the reason behind unruly patients but if you can manage then you can successfully deal with every patient.

    How do you deal with difficult patients? Do you have any tips you can share with the community?

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  • May 17 '12

    When you need orders or when you need to notify the physician.

    Changes in condition or unacceptable patient findings (like aberrant labs) require the practitioner to be notified.

  • May 4 '12

    What ---- take a deep breath! You want this? Do it! Will part of the times ahead be tough? Yup. Keep your eye on the goal....that is one way you keep your motivation. I'm not sure if you have any family or good friends nearby to help with daycare issues etc but if so that will be a blessing especially, and with those you trust, do not be afraid to accept their help!

    Other tips you may read about are --- make your priorities and as much as possible, organize yourself for the year ahead! Spend special time with your child on whatever sort of regular basis you can --- stories and books at night time tuck ins, silly play during his bath time...short trips to the park or to friends homes etc. Then make your study priorities -- based off when you are not working. Do NOT feel guilty giving your child a little less attention during this time -- it is something you are doing for his and your future. Do NOT feel bad that you 'have' to work during your program. If you have to, you have to. There will be other students hopefully you can make some connections with in a similar circumstance as yourself -- maybe even another student mom whom you can be 'study buddies' with or help each other out with rides etc.

    Balance is what you need to aim for -- knowing there will be crazy weeks and days when everything will be way out of balance, then you grab yourself and get things back on track! You are doing something so important! Let those around you see your commitment to making it work, hope they will come alongside and support you as it gets underway...but if they don't, and if you reallllly want this, Do It 110%. It is a finite period of time. It is for a definite goal -- stick to it. And be proud of yourself and happy for your child who will be gaining so much from a mom who took steps to make life more secure, not to mention a happier mom who had a goal and went for it!

    :redpinkheThen you can replace that goal of attaining schooling and your license for getting that first job and gaining experience! And then you can look for the next 'better' job as you decide where to take your career ;o).

    *Huge hugs. Turning points in life aren't about 'easy' -- but they are all about stick-to-it-iveness and maybe just a tiny bit of "I showed 'em" -- now which fork in the road do I want to take next?!! ^-^.


  • May 4 '12


  • May 4 '12

    [color=#2f4f4f]congratulations and i will be wishing you the best of luck for your boards!

  • Oct 29 '11

    Are you there to get your LVN or make friends? Stay out of the drama...who cares if your class likes you or not! My class is full of high school bs and so sick of it, but I keep remembering the reason why I am get my degree and move on to bigger and better things...If I make friends along the way, great...if not, oh well at least I got what I came for.

    Drama will be your job, school, ect. focus on your goal of becoming the best nurse you can be and do not worry about what your class thinks of are there for you!

    Keep your head up, stand proud and get it done

  • Oct 9 '11

    There are plenty of LPN jobs where I live...including hospitals.

    I wanted to be a nurse not a CNA. There is a big salary difference too and the scope of practice is NOT the same.

    Becoming a LPN was the quickest way to be a nurse and start working and I also plan on bridging over to RN.

  • Aug 3 '11

    No matter what you do first you will have a hard time finding a job when you graduate. I decided to become an LPN first and I am currently making a good salary while I am working towards my RN.
    I was hired by a previous employer. (boy im glad I didnt burn that bridge)
    My suggestion is to become a CNA or an STNA first.
    In my city it is much easier to find a nurses aid position, it seems like they are constantly hiring. You dont even have to work full time, so you can have time to go to school.
    I understand your financial situation so I agree that it would make good sense to get you LVN as soon as possible. If you get your CNA first and start working then you will have your foot in the door, which will give you a good chance of getting hired as a nurse when you graduate.
    A lot of people think that getting work as a nurse is easy.. it isnt, and to be honest its not "what" you know. It is "who" you know. So the sooner you get yourself out there, the more people you will get to know.
    Keep in mind, while you are working as a nursing assistant.. you are not only working, you are auditioning for a nurses position.

  • Aug 3 '11

    If your friend wants to be a nurse, she better forget about her dreams of having acrylic nails. Does she understand why the CDC doesn't want nails to be longer than a certain length. Deadly Medicine - Kids & Family Life, Medical Conditions, Coping and Overcoming Illness : That's the link about the nurse who accidentally killed babies with the pseudomonas infection underneath her artificial nails...Your friend should care more about patient safety than her nails. If they're that important to her, then she definitely doesn't want a job in healthcare period.

  • Aug 1 '11

    I did it!! I'm officially a RN!!!

  • Aug 1 '11

    Hold your head up! I'm always hearing about how drastic the drop is once NS actually starts, or most of the time - beforehand! If this is what you truly want to do, stick with it! Don't become one of the statistics! If you see yourself nursing and feel inspiration all around you, you'll find a way to stick with it. It all depends on how badly the person wants this! So you must ask yourself, do you really want this? It seems to me a lot of the people who flunk/drop out so soon just didn't know what they wanted in the first place! If you know for a fact nursing is your passion, you'll find the strength to beat the odds! Good luck!

  • Jul 27 '11

    I just finished taking the nclex-pn about 1-2 hours ago. i went up to 110-120 questions only. I tried the trick that people do to find out if you passed or not. I got a window that says "The candidate currently has test results that are on hold. A new registration cannot be created at this time" is that the good pop up? or is it still early for me to check for the pop up?

  • Jul 24 '11

    1. August 15th
    2 NC @ NCC
    3 ADN
    4 My dad told me, "prepare the best you can, do the best you can, be aware you cannot control everything and trust God!"
    5. My parents, my grandma Peggy, and myself!

  • Jul 24 '11

    Ok, so I know I can't be the only one who dreams about just for ONCE saying what's really going through her mind! I love my job, and I do it for the love of my residents, and I always give 100% to make sure they are safe, happy, and cared for. However, I am also extremely sarcastic by nature - and sometimes, well lots of times, I think one thing - but of course say and act completely polite and professional!

    Let's see what we all are really thinking in those times of complete stress and chaos we all know too well! I'll start....

    To the A&Ax3 perfectly coherent pt who is mean and obnoxious and thinks that he is at the Ritz not a nursing home, and thinks every CNA is his personal assistant / slave::angryfire

    DO NOT under any circumstances hit your call light for me to come and pick up your breakfast/lunch/dinner tray - the NANOsecond you finish eating!!!! REALLY! You KNOW that at some point during the 20 other times you call me in there, that I will pick it up on my way out!!!! This drives me absolutely up the wall. Same goes for your urinal (with all 5 cc's of output)!

    Stop calling the poor confused residents filthy names. Just because you choose to sit in the hallway all day long doesn't make you the hall monitor! Just because they aimlessly walk or wheel around doesn't mean they are stupid. They are confused. Telling them to get the hell away from you and go back to where "they belong" is nasty and uncalled for. I sometimes secretly hope you will become exactly like them. Soon.

    When you ask for an appointment at the barbershop at 8:50 am and they don't open until 9 am, don't hit your call button at 8:55 and ask if I got you a 9 am appointment! I know this may come as a shock to you - but you are not the center of the universe!! You will probably get scheduled sometime later that day, or - GASP - maybe even the next day!

    To those wonderful family members we all love so much:

    Just because you have an internet connection and access to WebMD, doesn't make you a medical professional. Why the Docs and DON's entertain your completely idiotic and unfounded requests - I will never know. Do you know how hard it is to keep residents properly hydrated? Yet you insist your loved one is over hydrated, and insist he only have one glass of water at every meal. AND you come in during meals and pull a bottle of sea salt out of your purse and dump handfuls onto his food. Hmmmm. OK!

    You haven't been to visit grandma in over a year. Grandma is completely contracted, hoyer lift, check and change, with aphasia. When you come and tell me that she told you she has to go to the bathroom and you want me to "take her to the restroom", I am not sure whether I want to giggle or slap you.

    Keep em coming! Just some healthy venting! Thanks a ton!