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    I've been debating my career choices and how much I'll be in debt. I'm considering CRNA field, and I calculated that by the time I'm done with my BSN
    and 2 years of CRNA school, I'll owe over $100K.That figure includes undergraduate.
    I am terrified. Does anyone else owe more than this or about the same?

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    Hi, I am currently undecided between med school or CRNA. I know what both entail, but I am leaning towards CRNA. Since I am not 100% sure, I am going to finish up the prereqs I am taking now for med school: Organic Chem, General Chem, Physics, and Bio. I have 1 year to decide. If I decide to go the CRNA route, will the classes I'm taking count for my BSN? I already have a BS, but not in nursing.
    Also, let's say I decided right now to go for the CRNA route. Could I take all my nursing prereqs at a community college randomly, or would I have to enroll in an Associates Nursing program? I'd rather not get an Associates since I already have a BS. But I also don't want to spend tons of $$ getting a BSN at a private school. What's the least expensive way to get a BSN?

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    I would go CRNA-I'm also a newbie, welcome.

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    [font=Helv]Hi, all

    I am new to this forum, but have been wavering back and forth between becoming a CRNA or going to law school. I find both fields

    intellectually stimulating, both are rigorous, and both offer the opportunity to help others. However, I guess I am just scared of making one decision and sticking with it. I am having strong doubts about law school, as the field is oversaturated (unless you go to a top 10 school, which is very hard to do), wheree as on the other hand, becoming a CRNA seeems like a win win situation-I'd be helping people in a true sense, there is a demand for CRNA's, and the money is good no matter what school you attended. Has anyone else struggled with deciding between 2 careers? Any advice, caveats to this newbie?