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    A fire card is obtained after successful completion of a safety/fire class. The instructor is usually a retired firefighter certified by the county or city to teach the class. The class is about 6-8hrs and completed in one day. Most if not all hospital employers offer the training and certification to their nurses and employees. As of December 2009, fire cards in Los Angeles are valid for 4 years.

    Anyone wishing to update their fire card can go through their employer's educational resources. Student nurses are also required to obtain and keep their fire cards current to work in the hospital. Your school's nursing department should have information about how and where to obtain the fire safety training.

    I dialed 311 from my phone and spoke to the fire department's dispatch office and was transferred about four times before I was given numbers to available instructors in the Los Angeles area. I contacted one of them who told me that they were teaching a class at a local hospital. Not all hospitals allow individuals that are not employed by them to take the class, but I got lucky with my local hospital. This is worth giving a try if you're trying to find a class that's convenient your schedule and/or shopping around for the best price. Unfortunately, all hospitals reserve the right to charge those not employed by them any amount to take the class. The instructors have no say as to what the hospital charges individuals.

    Hope this helps.