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    Every shift is different on a med-surg floor. Sometimes you get an easier assignment than a co-worker. That said, we have a couple of nurses that day-after-day are done with their work and sitting around doing nothing. It's not because of their superior time management skills; it's because they cut corners and give the bare minimum.

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    A ridiculous and unnecessary cost on an acute care hospital floor. I can safely administer narcotics and chemotherapy, but I can't be trusted to clean a pill splitter between uses? Stop micromanaging me.

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    IcySageNurse is correct, once again.

    The barriers to entry to PA school are greater than the barriers to entry to NP school. This, in and of itself, will keep PAs higher paid and in more demand than NPs.

    Unless nursing quickly acts to standardize NP education and entry requirements, I believe PA school would provide OriolesMagic the safest long-term return on investment.

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    Well written IcySageNurse.

    Many people don't understand basic economic theory: job security, autonomy, and salary are directly related to the requirements to enter a field.

    The current low standards will absolutely ruin the opportunities nursing has worked so hard to create.