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    Teach those of us that would love to have your knowledge shared with us. One of my most memorable instructors was my CNA instructor. She began nursing school at the age of 45. She practiced as an RN for a number of years. She was disabled and no longer able to do RN work on the floor. But, I gained so much knowledge from her. When I did my first clinical, she was right there with me. I still keep in contact with occasional cards, etc.
    She may not be able to be on the floor with the patients anymore. But, she is there in my heart everyday I'm on the floor.

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    I'm getting ready to take HAPS in 4 days. I haven't found much in the way of study guides for it. Does anyone have anything that they could pass on.
    My prof. stated that she is only giving the HAPS test because the school is requiring it beginning this year at the end of A&P II. She is using it as the final and it scores up to 100 points. Total points for class is 1000. So it's only 10%. She states that she does not like test. I am looking forward to it.
    It is 100 questions (multiple choice) and no double negatives. She is famous for putting this in her tests and it's very confusing.

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    If that is what you want, then do it. I was in program years ago and quit due to pressure from others. I am back in program, after having to retake some pre reques. I will finish at 55. If I get 10 years on my career, I'm good.
    Never let anyone else stop you from doing what you want. Don't let time be your enemy. Good Luck and thank you for serving our country.

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    I am a student. I would never, never, never do this. I am not licensed to do this. The RN/BSN on the floor must verify and okay all. It is under their license that this is done. How sad that the instructor did not teach this to the students. I would have no problem with the nurse on the floor stating what they expect of the students. Go ahead, please tell me. I'm here to learn.