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    Took my test for the second time on Dec 19th, Saturday. I registered here and never received the activation email, I was desperate to post here and ask if the trick worked for Saturday too. I was thinking, I wonder if it could just be giving me the pop up because it's the weekend. Well, I stayed up for about 38 of my 48 hour wait and this morning I found out that I passed. I couldn't even look at it, I had my father look at it and tell me. Awesome moment. There has been so much going on the past year and half and I almost felt like giving up after I failed the first time back in August. I enrolled in Kaplan, took their course, studied quite a bit and succeeded. I am still in shock, I have gone back to pearson vue at least 4 times today to make sure they didn't change their mind. I can finally get out of this bum mood I have been in for months and be happy. This is the best Christmas ever, best gift to myself and my supportive family.