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    I am 55 recently switched to another area from ER....I am miserable. I thought the schedule in the new area would be worth the change....I am bored to death and will be going back asap! I don't see it as an age issue, but a work ethic issue. I see so many that are just plain lazy of all ages. So if you don't mind hard, fast paced work go for it! I work 12s...3 one week, four the problem.
    The LPNs in my ER work fast track. They are required to have ACLS, and PALS. LPN from the ER was just honored as nurse of the year at my hospital.

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    Well... go you! Congrats!

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    Stupid parents
    Vomit and sputum....(makes me weak to even type it!)
    People with those long dirty thick nails....hands or feet.

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    I do full time 40+. I am working Outpt Surgery, PACU, and ER. I take call one night a week, and every 7th weekend. I work quite a few Fridays that are 16 hour far no problems. I made a change ~ 5 months ago from ER to OPS/PACU....just waiting for my chance to return to the ER full time! Sounds like you know what you need so I say...Go for it!

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    I actually saw this happen the other day....first for me too! We were in PACU, and had a pt crashing. A nurse had already spiked the blood, and was reaching up to adjust the roller clamp when came went everywhere! There was so much going on at the time that we just threw down some towels and carrried on.

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    Quote from SuperStarLPN
    Wheeeew! I thought it was just me!
    I just took a job for better hours, no weekends/holidays.....its at the same facility different dept. I am so home sick for my ER that I could cry! I have to stay in my current position for six months before I can go back......I have only been gone for ~ four weeks, and I am miserable,and bored to death. The only saving grace is that the people are really nice..I have learned my lesson! I will never do anything but ER nursing again!

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    We are a 13 bed ER seeing around 70-80 give or take a few....nothing else around for ~ 95-100 miles. It can be a little crazy at times. Like you our FT leaves at midnight, and we have no pharmacy at night. To answer your question..... yes those numbers sound pretty wild. I was wondering how ya'll are staffed after midnight? We go to one provider, and three nurses, one- two techs if we are lucky.

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    Quote from ~*Stargazer*~
    Thanks, guys. It helps to know other people understand and aren't judging.

    I have seen bodies, young and old, mangled by car crashes, heavy machinery, freak accidents, falls or jumps from heights, gunshots, stabbings; I have seen dead babies, children with skull fractures, some head wounds you wouldn't believe, a young man with his face shattered beyond recognition; I have seen cardiac arrests, debilitating strokes, electrocutions, near drownings, amputations, successful (and many unsuccessful but impressive) suicide attempts...shall I continue?

    You don't think that I am *acutely* aware of what horrible things can befall my friends, my parents, my siblings, my chidren, my lover, my SELF?

    For anyone to imply that I lack empathy for what the victims and their families endure in these situations, simply because I chose to vent about a frustrating aspect of my workday shows such a complete and total level of ignorance and holier than thou-ness that I can only shake my head in utter amazement.

    Don't you dare lecture me on therapeutic communication until you have been the one reassuring the pediatric trauma patient's mother as you push the sedative and paralytic into his little vein so the doctor can intubate him.

    I get you so completely. I know how it feels to desperately try to save the mangled child hit by a car .....and to hear the heart wrenching screams that do not even sound human coming from the mother....just to have the next pt complain in that high pitched voice because they had to wait for some trival nonsense. So you vent, and maybe we can have a good laugh, share stories, then go back, and do it all over again!

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    Quote from demylenated
    I really hope you are never the one in pain, the one who woke up paralyzed, the one who is scared, who has no clue what is going on.... the one who has never before been in the hospital, the one who medication does not seem to help... I hope you are never the one that wonders if they will ever feel normal again... the one who wonders if they will make it out of the hospital alive...

    The one who has bills to pay, and faces losing their job because they are in the hospital. I hope you don't have children at home that you are worried about them making it to school on time, or them acting out because they, too, are scared because mommy or daddy is in the hospital...

    I hope you never have to know what that kind of fear feels like, because I'm sure you will be whining.

    ANYone can give meds... ANYone can get a warm blanket... it takes true patience and compassion for your patients to lend an ear for 5 minutes, talk to them, help them understand what is going on, allow THEM to vent... that is where the HOLISTIC side of nursing comes into play, not the "trained monkey" side.
    Just a pt whining caused you to come to a forum to whine, and it is not something that you have to bring home from work with you... Now, try and put yourself in their position where they have REAL fears and reasons to "whine".
    I don't see how the examples you gave would fit into the whiney category.....not at all what I feel like the posted is speaking of. For someone who presents as so compassionate I am not feeling it...the poster is venting!

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    When an adult starts whining eyes roll, my head starts shaking, I suddenly go deaf, and my feet automatically go in different direction! Its like a reflex....I have no control! Please just ask in a normal voice & tone for what you'll get it a lot faster!

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    As long as they A&O its their choice. I ask them to sign ama form, if they won't I chart refusal...and move on to help those that want it.

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    Frequent flyer that had no business being there to start with????

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    giving nebs....sometimes, but rt usually

    drawing own labs...yes most with iv start and if techs are busy or mia

    starting your own iv's....always, and draw labs at this time.

    running own blood rt

    cleaning own rooms...most of the time

    walking pt to radiology, ct etc...critical only


    mixing meds...yes, no pharmacy after 2100

    all caths, ng insertions, trach suctioning...not many trachs, but yes, and ekg's if rt is tied up.
    all of our icu admits rn must transport

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    Good Job! Its great to see enthusiasm .....hope this attitude is with you for a very long time!

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    You look at people's neck veins while standing in the grocery line, and You are faster with the Ez-IO than Jessie James was with a six shooter.