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    At last that hellish nightmare of prerequisites, more prerequisites and applications is over!!!! I was accepted and I am in shock. I really thought I would be denied and I was making plans to apply elsewhere immediately. Wow, I am so relieved to finally be moving forward. Good luck to the rest of you. Does any of my new cohort want to stay in touch?

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    I've got the ominous Final Review too. Wow, this sure is taking a long time.

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    Yes and if we are denied, it is past the deadline for cohort 32. The next one we could submit for is 33. The waiting game continues.....

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    Mine never said "test complete"...should I be worried they didn't input it? This is nerve wracking.

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    Yes, but only if they open the program up to a new cohort. They still are not accepting students and have not had the BRN give them a green light. I just emailed the director this week and she said to contact her again for an update in June.

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    I'm waiting to hear too. How do they contact us? I keep looking on SOAR but it only says "submitted." Will it be posted on SOAR?

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    Quote from Unthinkable
    Any updates regarding their status?
    Yes. Every month I bug them and so I have all the updates they gave me. Supposedly the BRN met with them on Dec 23 but for the second time they did not have a quorum and could not vote on the proposed plan (or whatever they do.) They then told me it would be after the New Year. So I inquired in January again. Here is what I was told on 1/12 :

    "There is no change in the status of the school’s nursing program. We are still on warning status and cannot admit any more students until we are cleared by the Board. My best guess of when that might be, but it is only a guess would be May or June at the earliest, but we have to wait for the BRN to make their final decision as to the status of the school."

    What is weird is that in September they had a meeting with the BRN and thought they would have it resolved then but met again in October and then December. Then suddenly the solution is 6 months away.

    I just wasted $3000 bucks last summer, while not applying to the other schools and putting my time into a bunch of crappy classes that I can't transfer anywhere else and that were some of the worst, most moronic classes with idiot professors that I have ever had.

    Can I sue to get my money back?

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    I had 2 elective c sections. They are great and I would do it again. One of the problems with the bad sentiments and statistics against elective c sections is that there is not good and conclusive data on elective c sections vs. c sections performed under conditions of duress and/or trauma. An elective c section is performed under ideal conditions - in a state absent of or before the advent of duress/trauma. The patient is in peak condition and the procedure is fast. That data of such c- sections is shunted into the same catagory with duress c-sections so the results are skewed showing mortality and morbidity that are likely due to the poor conditions of the other procedures.

    In my case conditions and outcomes were ideal. I don't feel I missed out on any part of motherhood. After birth I felt in good shape to enjoy my new baby and as an added bonus, I did not suffer any vaginal trauma, cutting, or perforations that 3 of my close friends had to go for follow up surgeries (and in one case more than a year of embarrasing issues.) I've read one expert who is pro elective C section because of all the, urine and fecal incontinence, prolapse and pelvic floor disorders he sees in his practice in later years due to vaginal births. Many of the complications of vaginal births are not readily revealed by sufferers due to embarrassment, and are not typically seen by the gynecologists who deliver the babies so the connection is not readily observed, reported and known to the public.

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    @zannica I am registered for NSG 322. I am not looking forward to it - just want to get it over with but will do my best to get an A. I detested statistics when i took it so I'm not expecting to enjoy this but like said will make the most of it. I can't believe how much this short class costs - what a racket.

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    I am also a current student at USU fulfilling their prereqs for $3000 that cannot be transferred in from anywhere else. I thought I would add to this conversation considering the recent problems that have arisen with the BRN. I am very peeved after committing myself to yet more prerequisites and more $$$ in anticipation of acceptance for the USU September cohort...and now finding out we can't even submit applications and there may not be a future cohort unless the BRN gives them a green light during a meeting in mid September. I was feeling like things were settled only to find the old nightmare of applying to programs and is returning. I asked a lot of questions and then wrote to an administrator at school asking for an explanation and that is when they had someone send out an email to all the prenursing students. Her email was vague about the circumstances, but I followed up with some questions and found out the problem has something to do with their staff or perhaps a lack of teaching staff and was assured they are doing everything they can to remedy the situation and they do expect to be back on track. However, even if they get everything in order there is a distinct possibility there may be no Fall cohort. If things go badly .... ???

    Even if a cohort starts in January, then double the amount of applicants will be pooled since there will be everyone who intended to apply for the fall plus all the students who finished up the prereqs by January. This is not a good feeling and if they close the program (which happened to me with Sharp/SDSU) I want my money back!

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    I saw the earlier message about the informational meeting for the next application period opening up. Thanks for posting that because I was wondering what was happening with the program. It said the info meeting was in Glendale. Does this apply to the SD campus as well or only Glendale. I am in San Diego and interested in applying here. I thought I was on the their interested list, but I did not get any email from the Sharp accelerated program. If anyone could tell me how to proceed for SD I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!